RIFT Dungeon Guide: Foul Cascade

Did Another Dungeon last night, and thought to share with you what I thought of it.

Group Makeup Suggestion: Tank, Healer, DPS/Offhealer, 2 DPS   Note: I was off healer with my chloromancer spec.

Location: Scarlet Gorge.

Trash: Mostly packs of 3 or 4.  Some Patrols roam the areas be careful of those.  Alot of AOE trash, there groups of regular mobs. Most notable are these mounds you have to blow up, One Elite spider comes out, and bunch of regular spiders. A good idea is to line of sight these pulls around corners and such, and theres alot of spots to do that.

First Boss Matron Verosa –  Is actually 3 bosses in one. Matron Verosa, and her minion Lesche, and Gurze. Ok we make Verosa-1, Lesche-2, Gurze-3 . Get Verosa to 80% she becomes immune, turn your attention to Leshe, at 50% she becomes Immune, and then kill Gurze, then once Gurze is down, kill Lesche then finish Verosa. Watch out for Lesche she attacks the farthest out person with a charge, and Gurze does a frontal cleave.  So we stack, and stand behind Gurze. This is the toughest fight here pretty much. I went offhealer for this fight.

Second Boss – Surin Skenobar – Easy fight, Stack on the pad, and burn this a-hole down.  Surin teleports around but if you stack she should come back right away.

Third Boss – Krasimar Barinov – He releases waves of mobs, 5 regular, 3 elite, then 2 elite.  Then he engages, he does a knockback to melee dps. Pretty easy fight overall.

Final Boss – Queen Vallnara – She releases purple stuff, stay out of it…pretend it’s fire. She randomly picks someone and lays an egg that spawns an add. Burn adds down fast, and return to the Queen. Other then that it’s pretty easy fight, but I did go off healer to help.

Overall – A Decent Tank will make this dungeon easy. Reaver is good because dealing with alot of AOE, and multiples. I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

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