Drown in their QQ

 Being a Mage in RIFT that likes to PvP is somewhat like being a cheap hooker. It doesn’t take alot for me to end up laying down. I persist though, and there are moments that I get discouraged, then there are moments like in a Black Garden Warfront last night where there were a line of mages just blasting the poop out of the Defiant heathen scumbags that they are.

So I keep hearing stick with the mage, it gets better. Endgame PvP isn’t the same as it is while leveling. Then I come across forum posts like this….and it just makes things easier to bare. So as long as we don’t get hit by the nerf bat, I’ll keep taking the crap, until it’s time to dish it out, and I will dish it out I promise you that.  The tears from their QQ though is sweet honey to my lips.

Another thing I can’t wait for is payback for the gankings I’m getting….Revenge will be sweet indeed.

On another note some real good Tips for RIFT beginners here for you.

One Response to “Drown in their QQ”

  1. So how do choose, and how do you know if something is good.
    What most people are not aware of is the fact that you don t have to travel to the top of a mountain in a out of the way area to seek out first-rate instruction.
    A few are some newer titles, but still very good kung fu type movies.

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