Purple Rain

I have a bit of a confession…. I love dyeing my armor. In Dark Ages of Camelot, I use to dye it purple, because of my guild The Hell’s Elite Legions colors were purple and black.

Well through games that you get to dye stuff, I’ve had the penchant to dye things purple, or dark purple. I guess I just like the color of it in terms of it’s a dark color, and it’s not as cliche as black, me being evil and all.

Heck in WAR I got the titles of the Trendy, and Fashionable cause I dyed my armor so much.

Perhaps growing up, I just liked Grimace from Mcdonalds fame a little too much, or it could of been I grew up in the era where the Purple One, Prince was the most famous.

Whatever the case I really enjoy games where they allow you to have a little self expression in the game. RIFT is one of them, and my Mage looks Hot in Purple.

3 Responses to “Purple Rain”

  1. rabidwargamer Says:

    Dyeing armor… sure sign of a roleplayer.

  2. well at least you have good taste. I approve of purple.

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