The Human Condition

People say that games, and gaming is a waste of time. Last night a person I know told me he had Throat Cancer.  As I sat, in the dark smoking a backwoods cigar in quiet contemplation of my life, I thought about the the people who inhabit my life.

To the people who tell me I am wasting my time, or that playing video games is foolish. That the gaming community is filled with douchebags, and assholes. All I have to do is point them to my blogroll, my guildies, my twitter feed. These are some of the most talented, creative, funny, witty people I have the honor to share a hobby with. It is quite humbling to come to realize that some pixels on this computer screen has not only shapped my life, but also allows me to touch others, and maybe just maybe affect their life.

No matter what gender we are, what race, where we dwell, or what other label we tag ourselves…I think it boils down to we’re all looking for the same thing…

…A good fucking.

4 Responses to “The Human Condition”

  1. I thought I told you to not touch me there anymore

  2. Wow! (And I don’t mean the game.)

  3. I’d like that. 🙂

  4. I actually prefer a pappy van winkle on ice with that cigar. Lasts much longer than the good fucking.

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