RIFT Dungeon Guide: Darkening Deeps.

Kind of for my own personal benefit I wanted to put together a more comprehensive guide, so when I do alts I can look back at this and go…”Oh that’s how I do this dungeon” …Also if it helps you all the better.

Group Spec Suggestion: Tank, 2 DPS, 1 DPS/Off Healer,1 Healer

Location: Gloamwood

Trash: Typical trash stuff to start off with, in groups of 3, with some runners. Our group took it slow, and steady and we handled it. Later on it got a little more tougher as there was some stealthers. Also in the spider area we had to kill some nests quickly to avoid getting overrun by mobs.  After that some water elemental type creatures, not tough at all.

First Boss – The Alchemist – He had two adds. We killed the two adds first, then the boss was pretty much tank and spank. It was really simple stuff, and with our dps it wasn’t that bad. The add kill order is the left one first, then the right. left one is a healer.

Second Boss – Micheal Bleurgist(sp)? – Spoiler alert: He’s a fricking werewolf. So the trick is to keep him out of the moonlight.   Our tank tanked him in the eastern side of the cave in the dark. This took us the most time to figure out. Every so often he runs to the middle to buff up, the tank has to melee him back to the dark corner. He won’t budge otherwise.  As for myself, I stood on some rocks near the eastern side so when the fear came, I’m not running all over the place. I also broke the fears using my flicker skill, and break free skill of the archmage.

Third boss- Spider Boss – The Spider Boss cocoons someone every so often, and you have to burn that someone down, also there are a group of spider adds that come out, and you have to kill. Here it’s a bit of luck, if your healer gets coccooned at the wrong time…you’re fooked. Ty said there might be a LOS thing going on with the coccooning, but my group stacked on each other, and dps’d the coccoons quickly.

Final Boss- Gendo Enclave – It’s 3 mobs- Shaman has to die first, the wizard guy next, then Warlord. This fight was pretty easy actually. Do it in that order shouldn’t have a problem.

That’s about all to that dungeon, anything you want to add, you can do it here.

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