Not done with WoW quite yet.

Yeah people are probably saying, Rivs is playing RIFT now…he’s finished with WoW….

Well I got one thing to say to them…hell’s no. I logged in last night for a bit, worked on the Mage, and making gold. In Deepholm now, with my 82 Mage, and I really like the fact that I’m putzing around in the place where Deathwing escaped from, seeing things from a CGI movie for some reason gets a little rise out of me.

There’s alot of people around the blogosphere that loathing WoW right now, but for me. I stil enjoy it. Sure it’s almost like a single player game for me nowadays, but sometimes it’s nice just to be away, and do some zen like grinding. 

WoW may not be the new, exciting girlfriend, but WoW is more like the booty call I dial at 2am when I’m drunk, when I need some bad…and I drink alot.

3 Responses to “Not done with WoW quite yet.”

  1. Until you loathe the 2am booty call and decide to quit disrespecting yourself. 🙂 🙂 So you get a “new” 2am booty call in addition to the new girlfriend.

  2. Hey Rivs, remind me what server you guys play on? It’s a PVP one, right?

    • theerivs Says:

      I disolved the guild, and alot of people aren’t playing anymore. As for myself, I just play the Auction house really.

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