If in doubt blame Otega

Otega is a guildie of mine, and we have a great rapport. He calls me douchebag, and I call him a goat blower, all fun aside when it comes to gaming he’s probably one of the best players of any MMO I found around.

We headed into Darkening Deeps last night for the first time with a couple of other guildies who I won’t name….I’m only calling out Otega cause he practically begged me to write a post about him .

My first time in RIFT dungeon was very interesting, for the fact that Otega as a Rogue class was Tanking (I think the class is Riftstalker), he was doing a great job as a rogue, actually I never seen anything like it.

Let’s get to the dungeon itself and my performance.

Darkening Deep

Group Makeup:  Rogue Tank, Rogue (Ranger) Ranged DPS, Cleric (Healer), 2 DPS mages.

My Spec:  I was using my Pyromancer build which is more for PvP. It’s Pyro with a couple points in Archmage, and a few in Archon for fire damage bonus.

Trash: Typical trash stuff to start off with, in groups of 3, with some runners. Our group took it slow, and steady and we handled it. Later on it got a little more tougher as there was some stealthers. Also in the spider area we had to kill some nests quickly to avoid getting overrun by mobs.  

First Boss – The Alchemist – He had two adds. We killed the two adds first, then the boss was pretty much tank and spank. It was really simple stuff, and with our dps it wasn’t that bad.

Second Boss – Micheal Bleurgist(sp)? – Spoiler alert: He’s a fricking werewolf. So the trick is to keep him out of the moonlight.   Our tank tanked him in the eastern side of the cave in the dark. This took us the most time to figure out. Every so often he runs to the middle to buff up, the tank has to melee him back to the dark corner. He won’t budge otherwise.  As for myself, I stood on some rocks near the eastern side so when the fear came, I’m not running all over the place. I also broke the fears using my flicker skill, and break free skill of the archmage.

Third boss- Spider Boss – The Spider Boss cocoons someone every so often, and you have to burn that someone down, also there are a group of spider adds that come out, and you have to kill. Here it’s a bit of luck, if your healer gets coccooned at the wrong time…you’re fooked. We didn’t kill this boss, and we ran out of time, some of our group had to log because it was getting late.

Overall: I really liked my first dungeon experience. It was challenging, but not so much as we couldn’t do it. I think maybe on the spider boss I should get a off healer spec (chloromancer) to help out in case our main healer gets cocooned, or perhaps we were on the lower end of the spectrum of levels, plus being the first time there we needed to know the strats. To quote Ocean’s 11 though, “It’s good to be working with proper villians again” ..As my performance some tweaks aside I think I did pretty well, on the Wolf boss, I stayed alive while DPS’ing and thats the key to it.

I think though we can all agree the real reason we didn’t finish last night…was Otega.

4 Responses to “If in doubt blame Otega”

  1. Always fun to read the rivs. Though I am rather confused by the title, is there ever any doubt that the blame lies with Otega?

  2. Ran that one for the first time last night as well. I heard he cant cocoon you if he doesnt have LOS, so I would tuck behind a pillar when he started casting it. Seemed to work, but not 100% that he just didnt target other people.

  3. Realistically though, with Otega, you guys were probably doomed from the start. 🙂

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