Getting my RIFT on!

So is RIFT a success. I think it’s too soon to tell quite yet. What I can tell you is I put in a 12 hour gaming session yesterday, and I haven’t done that in like 5 years, not even for the WoW expansions, or WAR have I faked err…been sick and had to call into work. 

This game has gotten a hold of me, and alot of other people. I am enjoying the PvP, as well as the PvE. Sadly I haven’t done an instant yet, hopefully I’ll remedy that soon.

I got my second Role. So right now my PvE role is Warlock/Necro, while my PvP role is Pyromancer/Archmage/Archon.

I’m going to give you a gold making tip to boot. Uncommon Powder I have been making a mint on. Cause you need things to break up. Cloth is easy to get, I make some Cotton Shoes, bust them up…viola Powder galore. I’ve been selling stacks of 20 for 75g. I’ll have my epic mount in no time. 🙂

Today is the Launch of RIFT, and if the only complaint I’ve been hearing is the queue times, then I think we’re going to have a winner on our hands. I also like the trend this sets….you make a polished MMO, that builds upon other MMO’s and just add a twist….your chance to succeed goes up.

As for my, I’m gladly giving Trion my money…they’ve earned it.

3 Responses to “Getting my RIFT on!”

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  2. Must resist!
    I am waiting the 3 weeks to see if your all still playing, because I’ve yet to see a new mmo hold enough peoples interest past that

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