It’s Like a New Nightclub.

MMO’s are like a new nightclub, when they first open up they have these long lines to get in. Then months from now if the nightclub sucks it’s like a ghost town. RIFT is no different. The lines are huge, queues of up to 4 hours to get into the server my guild is on. Like the Nightclub, after you do get in. it feels great to be in there. Perhaps that’s why MMO’s do that, same mentality as nightclubs, if it feels busy, then people think this is the place to be. I think they may be right.

As far as the game, there is still nothing glaringly extraordinary about this game, it doesn’t set the MMO world on it’s ear. What it does though is takes what good about MMO’s and blend them together, with a unique class system that always you to really play around with things. 

How much do I like this game, enough to take a sick day to level up my toons before launch tomorrow….Err I mean my tummy is bothering me. Ok I’m a nerd what do you want.

One Response to “It’s Like a New Nightclub.”


    BTW – I did play this weekend, but crappy Deepstrike has 4 hour queues that I refuse to deal with. I’m on Fae-something-or-other as I have yet to see a queue for it. When deepstrike settles down, I’ll mossy-on-over your way.

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