Weekly Lagout

RIFT – With killer queues, my guild is seriously talking about moving away from Deepstrike. I can’t blame them, but I’m trying to tell them to stay the course and put up with it. A nice heavy populated server makes for good PvP. But if we do move I’m ok with that to. I could do levels 1-10 with my eyes closed.

WoW – I’m not quitting WoW, I still have alot to do with this game. When RIFT goes back to normal, and I have a toon in the higher reaches, I’ll come back to WoW.

WAR – I feel bad for Warhammer Online, I think RIFT is a death knell for them.

BTW – I just had my 666th post….let’s SHOUT AT THE DEVIL!!!!

High Latency Love

High Latency wouldn’t be where it’s at without my friends. I think one of my closest is Scarybooster.   He’s on an extended hiatus right now, selling drugs in some backwood country, planning a coup in some eastern block shitdump, or some other clandestine action.  Bottomline he’s going to be gone for a few months, and already I feel the blogosphere a little more empty without him. It’s almost like having a donkey show, and the donkey forgot to show up…

Here’s to hoping he comes back soon, and in the mean time much love to Scary.

Something funny…..

Don’t Trust a Rogue

With that….


4 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Urgh Im trying not to be melodramatic but the Rift queues are horrendous – its day 2 and I’ve not been able to log in for any length of time . I waited 7 hours last night and 3 hours so far tonight). The fact my guild has already switched realms is a telling tale however this one has turned out to be similar.

    After busting my balls at work and wanting to relax with a few hours of gameplay sitting in a fecking queue is the last thing I want to do! And no I’m not buying the its not launch its headstart bullshit, it may wash with the fanbois but for me Trion made a balls up with the release of far too few realms when they launched.

  2. @Pitrelli

    All I can say is “WAHHH”

    You act like this is your first MMO.


    • oh look its openedge…… and being a dick as usual….. somethings never change.

      Funny how you say ‘WAHHH’ last time we last spoke you went emo after a discussion on twitter and put me on ignore

  3. Never, ever feel sorry for WAR 🙂

    It killed itself and as a long-ish term player (since release) I miss what the game could have been, but I don’t pity them, or their death. They did it to themselves (Mythic, not the players, of course).

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