RIFT: Life of a Mage 1-10

First you have to get past the mean ole Queue monster. This guardian of the gate took me 6 hours to get past, and I heard it was the same story for alot of people.  So I messed around on a newly opened server while I waited (You can have two possibly more instances of RIFT open to do this)  I messed around with a Warrior Riftblade/Champion.  Loved it.

Back to the Mage, so when I got on. I made my Mage…A serious looking Human male. Yeah I went Guardian. Insta-queue for Warfronts for the win. So I started with the Warlock, and I put my points in the improved Void Bolt right away. Quick Void Bolts for the Win.  Then I got my second soul. I went with Elementalist, for the Tank.  Then in Warlock I got the spells Life Leach, and Dark Touch.

Mobs were going down easy peasy. I have been able to take on at least 2 or 3 mobs around my level. Any more than that we start to get into a little trouble.  I’ve been putting a few points in my elemental soul, I figure that a tougher tanking pet is required.

I garnered the the cholromancer soul as well, haven’t really dumped points into it yet. 

This is my current build.  Like I said I can take on 2 to 3 mobs at a time with this…anything else is getting overloaded, or I’m running short on mana or life.

PvP is fun, I’m not a killer, though I haven’t been going down the easiest thanks to my self-heals. Heck I stood toe to toe with a Warrior for a bit of the same level as me.

Overall I’m really liking my build so far, if I can just get past these damn Queues!

2 Responses to “RIFT: Life of a Mage 1-10”

  1. I gave the queue the middle finger, and rolled on a low pop server.

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