RIFT: Dirty Filthy Whorelock

Ok…Ok…In WoW I hated Warlocks, to me they were failed mages, imagine my chagrin when I realized I actually liked being a Warlock in RIFT.

So after Beta, playing around I decided I’m going to try this build right here.

Warlock – (44) – I really liked the DOT’s, the Fears, and the speed at which I cast those Void Bolts. Being in a PvP centric guild those fears will be hot in deed.

Chloromancer (20) – Being an off-healer will be an awesome Ace up the sleeve when my group gets into trouble. I’m not looking for top healer honors, just a nice heal when shit hits the fan.

Elemental Summoner (0) – Just for the solo tanking pet, this probably be dropped at higher levels for the PvP soul. Though something to be said by being harrassed by a little rock dude in PvP.

So that’s the plan, as I grind up the levels things may change, and in a drastic way possibly, but for right now this is the direction I’m going.

As for being a Whorelock….hell I’m already a Whore, why not just play one.  Good Luck to everyone in the headstart for RIFT!

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