To Be a Killer

“Impurity is my armor, Hatred is my weapon, Immortality shall be my reward” ~ Chaos Space Marine Motto.

So I will playing on a PvP server, alot of my Twitterati buddies are going for a RP-PvE server. So we got into an interesting argument, about RP servers, and such. Basically I think RP, RP’ers and their servers suck ass.  I’m not going to rehash all the ways I dislike RP, I think you people know, but I’m going to tell you why I love PvP servers so much more.

1. More Challenging – Dodging enemies in STV back added a sense of fear in gaming that I loved, even though I would get ganked alot. I didn’t get aggravated, I got mad.

2. Revenge is a dish best served cold – As I grew mad, It added a new goal to grind, for Revenge. As I grew in power, I came closer to my goal of killing those who killed me.

3. I play to Win –  Winning makes things better, I been in guilds where we weren’t downing bosses, or winning at PvP. Things grew stagnant, people started turning on each other. Like I told one Twitter buddy, I don’t play Monopoly to lose.  People on PvP servers seem to want to win more, and not just “enjoy the journey” hippy dialect.

4. Carebears – I’ve spent time on an RP server, it was so boring I was going to shoot myself in the foot. The people that are on those servers are sometimes too nice. Too goody, goody. I’m a self reliant type of person.

5. In the Company of Wolves – I like hanging out with my fellow killers, we talk with foul language, and we put each other down. When it’s time to kill, it’s time to work. They bring out the best player I can be, and push me to my limits.

Bottomline, it’s not that RP players suck at what they do, it’s just what they do doesn’t align with what I like to do. Their priorities are different then mine.  In Rift, I want Myself, and My guild to be loved by my faction, and loathed by the enemy faction, then I know I’m on the right track.

5 Responses to “To Be a Killer”

  1. Sounds like you want to go to the RP server because it is easier. Why don’t you want to fight against people who like to do what you want to do?

  2. I so agree with point 3. I enjoy the journey so much more when I’m winning or at least group with peeps who fought tooth and nail until the end of the battle.

  3. I STILL don’t think Rift is the place to go for fun, meaningful PvP. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there’s something in those higher zones that helps to create PvP conflicts organically, instead of predesignated reward spots or conflict areas. But so far, the only thing I saw going for PvP in Rift was the warfronts, which was a virtual CC of WAR’s scenarios.

  4. So I’m a hippy now huh? lol I think I’m lacking the hair for that…

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