RIFT PvP First Impressions

So I took my Pyromancer/Necromancer/Chloromancer into the Black Garden. It’s called a Warfront called Black Garden. It’s like a WoW Battleground, or WAR Scenario. Actually the mechanic was just like the scenario in WAR where you grab the token and hold onto, I think it was called Morkain Temple. Which was one of my favorite scenarios besides Tor Anroc, which as a Chosen I got to kick dwarves into lava. We all know “Dwarf Screams Are Tasty” coming to a tshirt near you . As your team holds the token you get points, I’m not quite sure if you get points for kills they stream by pretty fast.

The queues were quick, probably because I’m on the underdog side. Guardian…quick queues for the win. The Warfront action was quick, and the action was furious. Even though I was a mage, I never got really one shoted. I got some heals so healers were doing a good job, I was only level 10, but I was still doing good on dps ranging from 3rd to 6th each one. Did about 4 of them, and got a good level out of it.

Over all I was very pleased with it, my build might need a little tweaking. Might even drop the Necro, and go with some other soul, but I am keeping the Pyromancer portion.

Bottomline I had fun, and if RIFT can bring WAR PvP to WoW PvE…they just might have a winner.

3 Responses to “RIFT PvP First Impressions”

  1. Do you get XP for kills or anything for winning the Warfront?

  2. I tried a Pyro also last night. I went with Elemental for the 2nd soul, and the stone pet is much better at holding aggro vs the skelton. Nice to have a mini-tank while you blast from range. Archon is also a nice 3rd tree for the 5 points in Soul Fire to increase fire damage by 5%.

    I like Pyro a lot. I only got to around level 12 but it was a lot more fun to me than the Necro I had tried.

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