Why do we play the characters that we play?

I had this discussion over vent with a guild friend of mine a few days ago.  He was in the process of leveling a Worgen Warrior just to see what it looked like.  He wanted to try out the new leveling zone, and finally get the chance to turn from Human to Werewolf Worgen. 

I asked what he named this character, “I just chose the suggested name.” 

“Well, what do you think of the starting zone quests?” I asked. 

“They are pretty good, but honestly, I just wanna get to the part where I turn into the Worgen already,” he replied.

This motivated me to start my own Wee-Worgen.  I even had a name picked out — Worgestershire. She was going to be a mighty Worgen Druid, if only til level 10.  As I began creating her, I couldn’t help but notice that as I chose her furry features, I was also developing a human a few steps behind her.  After all the tweaks to her coloring and her fur and her markings I stepped back to look at how well I had done, and what did I see?


How in the hell can the Worgen look so awesome, and the human female have the old dried-up hideous face.  I did not proceed with my Wee-Worgen after this point.  I really don’t think I could look at that ugly human face – or even more so, have that ugly human face representing me – if even for 10 levels. 

So, this got me thinking… Why do we play the characters that we play?  Are we naturally drawn to a particular class, and because of that our choices are sort of made for us?  If I want a druid on the horde side I can only choose between a hideous troll and a cow.  The majority of the face/hair/coloring choices are not appealing to me.  To be fair, within these limited choices we are provided 1-2 female face choices with softer features.  Well, for Tauren there are, if you go troll, I recommend being in cat form as much as possible. 

Of course, it’s a troll… it’s not supposed to be a beauty queen.

I started to think, if I didn’t like the way my priest looked would she be my main?  Could I have gone 85 levels with old hideous shriveled face?

I think not. 

The name I place to a character is also quite important to me.  I’ve mentioned before, but I like to name all of my characters with old-lady names.  (The irony is palpable).  I’ve been really enjoying a new warlock that I made to roll with some guildies.  We all decided to roll Goblins, I had cloth BOAs, I’ve never made  a Warlock before, so …. guess what character I made.  🙂

I really love everything about this character.  I love the goblin animations, I love the facial features and hair on my goblin.  She is named Luretta which may be the single most perfect matchup of character and name I have done to date.  She sounds like a Luretta.  She looks like a Luretta.

She is a Luretta. 

Now she is just sitting there, gaining rested xp, but some day soon… I know I would not have a problem growing attached to her as I level. 


On a side note… My personal life has gotten to be extremely busy as of late.  My WoW playing time as well as the amount of time I have to contribute to the blog has decreased.  I still plan to write posts, but they may not be every week and they may not always be on Thursdays.  I really enjoy jotting my thoughts down and forcing others to read them, so do not fret, this is not a goodbye.  Just for the next few months, I may not be around as much.

Try not to miss me too hard. 🙂

2 Responses to “Why do we play the characters that we play?”

  1. Well I believe my toon does represent me in the virtual world, like an avatar.

    My names are usually a variation of my nickname River, with only once being another nickname (Heatscourge, then made it Frostscourge to match my mages spec)

    As for the classes. Tanks have always appealed to me, because being a bouncer at several different bars in my life, just being a meat shield come naturally. As for the mage, I love to blow shit up since I was a youth.

    I hope your busy with good things. 😉

  2. I usually like the uglier races, they let me have green hair. My Fallen Earth toon isn’t ugly though, but I’m stuck with a mohawk so maybe that goes.

    I rarely like getting stuck with one class and like having some flexibility when I play, but yeah I’ve rarely seen people happily play outside of specific roles in the games they play.

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