I like to blow stuff up.

I play a mage in WoW, so it’s no wonder I like to blow crap up. So after seeing my guild had plenty of warriors, and clerics on I decided to give a mage a shot in this game. 

I’ve been going with a Pyromancer/Necromancer/Chloromancer build, and this is what my final build I’m thinking of.

Pyromancer – (26)Brings blowing shit up to the mix, and a nice snare.

Necromancer – (30)A nice pet to harass, DOTS, and some tricks.

Chloromancer – (10) a few heals I can toss out if crap hits the fan.

I think this combo will bring alot of stuff to the table, PvE, and PvP wise. 

As for playing it, I just had a blast last night, no pun intended. I still might try a Cleric build, for shits and giggles but I’m really leaning towards this mage right now.

6 Responses to “I like to blow stuff up.”

  1. lifedeathsoul Says:

    Hi sir! uhm… I was wondering, is it possible to have 2 pets up at the same time? so could you actually roll a choloromancer/elemental summoner/necromancer combi?

  2. João Carlos Says:

    I just don’t understand why a lot of players are trying soul combos with points shared equally. That is a way to create a hybrid class?

    Last beta I get my necromancer to level 31. This open beta I started a new one. IMHO, a necromancer is stronger as the pet is strong. More points a player use at necromancer soul, stronger will be the pet and stronger will be the mage. Tath is the reason I am going full 51 points at necromancer, and 15 points to warlock (necromancer/warlock/chloromancer combo).

    That is something I tested (at least to level 31), my pets can deal elite mobs and I can kill 3 mobs at same time. My soul build at open beta (and my old character’s build from the other betas) I used all points to necromancer soul and some points to warlock for get better charge and faster spells. The build is necromancer/warlock/chloromancer, with chloromancer with 0 points just for give a little heal to my pet.

    If you want a mage with explode things, Pyromancer is a good choice. But the build you are thinking is more a necromancer than a pyromancer, because you will use more points at necromancer. So, can be more right to name it a necromancer/pyromancer than a pyromancer/necromancer.

    IMHO, the best combination to a pyromancer is a stormcaller, you get more spells that explode things and some bonus to fire damage.

    If you want to have a pet, the best choice can be an elementalist, because at 0 point the elementalist’s pet is a tank, while necromancer need use 12 points for gain a tank pet (tank pet is better for survival when soloing). So, you don’t need use points to the thrid soul.

    I know I am being pretensious. I think any combination will problably work, and how the points are shared (equally or top one soul) too will not change things a lot. It is just a thing I noted, a lot of players are trying hybrid combos, but I don’t think they are being good at a job and they end being a jack of all trades that can do a lot of things, but aren’t specially good at any one.

    • Some good points, but here’s my take on it.

      A. The class system is new, so people are trying out some new things. It’s beta only so great time to toss some ideas around.
      B. My guild is a PvP guild, so I am looking at things, and tricks that will help in PvP. Like Pyro’s root, and Necros feign death trick, all great little get out of jail things in PvP. Plus Direct Damage, and DOTs for the win.

      Like I said it’s only beta, I bet in a couple months we’ll have plenty of cookie cutter specs…just more of them in this game

      • João Carlos Says:

        Well, I am not trying PvP in Rift… I get enough PvP at Darkfall and I just know it is not for me.

        So, I am not sure what will work at PvP… and I fear that a good player will think anything workable. And I fear that the cookie cutter spedcs will be at a greater number than you and I can imagine.

        I for sure cannot imagine as a pyromancer/necromancer can work, but if you say it is a good combo for PvP I can just think you are problably right.

        Anyway, there are 4 roles a player can get, each one with 3 souls. I think we will see players with diferent roles: solo, dungeon group, raid, PvP, healer, etc

  3. Good for you, Rivs; break the mold and play what you enjoy. Besides, it’s leveling, it’s new, and games are meant to be fun. When/if you get into the end-game then worry about the cookie-cutter specs that will undoubtedly exist at that point.

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