Gamestop:0 Trion:1

So I preordered RIFT through Gamestop I had 10 extra bucks sitting around with them. I preordered Starcraft 2, but after playing the Beta I felt it wasn’t for me anymore, so I never picked it up. So I put that 10 bucks towards the RIFT preorder. I preordered the Regular edition, cause well I’m not going to be burnt on a Collector’s Edition anymore…ok maybe Star Wars might burn me. 

By the way I picked up Enter the Matrix for 5 bucks, I might not ever even play this game, but what the hell for 5 bucks, I’ll fling the CDROM out the window at someone that will be worth the 5 bones.

So onward with my tale of woe, on the reciept was my code I was supposed to enter on the Trion website to make sure I get in the Headstart program of the game, and my gaggle of goodies. I entered my code, and it told me the code had no more uses. I started to cuss like a sailor who just stubbed his toe. I called the Gamestop store, they told me to call the Developer.

I called Trion, and at first I get the automated person, and the robotic voice says my wait is 2 minutes…few seconds go by, it then says I have a 3 minute wait. I hunker down for a long wait, but it wasn’t that long actually shorter the 3 minutes the robot voice told me. Damn robots they are liars. So I talked to someone, and they showed me a website to upload a copy of the receipt and in 24-48 hours max I’ll get credit.

That’s it, that’s all I got to do. Total time on the phone with Trion: 5 minutes. Trion made it simple with a nice little website, actually I was looking at their help site it seems pretty extensive. I have heard wonders about Trion. I just hope that in their need to please everyone they do not destroy this game.

As I become more and more involved with this game the more and more I am getting to like it, and the Trion group.  Now if I can only find a class that really speaks to me, I’m trying to do a tank here but it’s not really grabbing me. I’ll see when I hop back into open beta tonight.

4 Responses to “Gamestop:0 Trion:1”

  1. I thought HS was only if you bought the CE.

  2. What fighter souls have you tried so far? I made a Reaver/Champion to recapture my old Shadowknight EQ/EQ2 glory days.

    • I was going to go Paladin/Champion. Some points in Champ for the stuns, and charges. The rest in Pallie for uber tanking goodness….but I’ve been playing Pyromancer/Necro and loving it.

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