Happy Valentine’s Day

Funny how Valentines Day, and Mother’s Day always make me think of World of Warcraft let me explain. Back in 2005, I got a job with FTD, yep the flower people, I worked in there Technology dept. I supported florists with their computer hardware, and our FTD software. This is where I met an awesome bunch of people. It was in training I looked at the computer in front of me, and this dude we’ll call Legger, was looking at the WoW forums. I asked, “You play WoW?”  He said, “Hell yes”  He told me he use to work in another dept at FTD, and he switched. He also told me a bunch of people played WoW at FTD, on the server Thunderlord.  In training I blew up our helpdesk software called Heat, so the boss came in and said, “Chris you are the Scourge of Heat”. So all my FTD friends started calling me Heatscourge, or Heater. I thought what an awesome name for a mage I wanted to start. So Heatscourge was born. We were the Lords of Lager, but we wanted to raid so we joined another guild and called ourselves Kindred Spirits. 

It was a great time, we would sit at work and talk, joke, and discuss World of Warcraft. Making fun of something that happened in the raid the night before, or something funny that happened in vent. Heck we would all proxy into our machines at home, and play WoW at work. It was rough sometimes, but we did it.

This was my golden days of World of Warcraft, though the game has changed, and alot of vets are dropping like flies. This game has brought me alot of enjoyment, and like a love lost I still ponder those days and smile. For the game was the catalyst, but it was the people that brought the memories.  

For some old school here is Kindred Spirits going into AQ40.  

Is there a group of people you use to play with, that you no longer do that you really miss from time to time?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    I miss playing with the old PA crew in WoW, SWG, and Daoc. So many fond memories.

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