Rocking out with my….male chicken out.

Well Bee is up to her wootdingers in work today, so she asked me if I could post today. She’ll post something tomorrow which works out for me cause I’m off work tomorrow, and lets be serious I may or may not do this at work, but on my breaks…*ahem*

WoW is no longer the same game it was in Vanilla. I think we can ALL agree on that. Though it is massively different, and changed from what it was. I am still enjoying myself for the most part, whereas others are throwing in the towel. 

So what have I been doing in WoW these days.

1. Single Player – For the most part I’m just a single player in this world now. Sure I see one or two guildies once in awhile. The reason I enjoy it is I’m going at my own pace. No Raiding means no pressure, just leveling my toons enjoying the countryside, and any flight of fancy I have just go and do it.

2. Making Gold– I am by no means a Gevlon or Markco, but I do ok for myself.  I still have a lot of gold sinkholes like leveling out my professions or buying gear for some of my alts, so I’m spending alot of gold too.  I feel like those people in DUNE, “The Spice must flow”

3. Exploring – Just flying around, enjoying seeing parts of Azeroth I haven’t seen before, and ganking stupid alliance mofoes.

4.  PvP – I love PvP, Killing things is my business, and business is good!

5. Leveling Alts – Still working on my Warrior, and Warlock.

So there you have it, sure I might play some Rift coming up, but I am not ready to put down my WoW. I’m still on Azgalor…Rocking out, with my cock out. Hanging out, with my wang out.

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