Is RP dead yet?

We are definitely close, like a vulture I am awaiting to hop on the carcass, and devour whats left.

If you are any type of follower of this blog, you know I hate RP with a passion that consumes me like hell’s fires of damnation. Well with the demise of another champion of RP. I’m feeling pretty good. My most hated enemy of the blogosphere has all but thrown in the towel.  Though we still have a few left, and we may be losing a few to the darkside  light side, I have faith they will find their way back once they find out RP in WoW is redundant and well really not fun.

Let me recap for why do I hate RP so much?

1. Elitists – RP’ers have this sense of superiority which leads to exclusion if you don’t play their way. They are like the kids who get angry and take their ball home if they don’t get their way. People just like Anna, who jumps down someones throat with hypocritical gusto, without even looking at themselves in the mirror. They even have a tool like Gearscore to weed you out.

2. Boring – Jesus christ they just sit there and talk about the stupidest shit all the time, how the imaginary food is so good.

3. Walk everywhere – Annoys the hell out of me.

4. Fricking sick 40 year old men, pretending to be hot night elves – It’s embarrassing when a chick whips out a dick bigger than yours.

5.  Carebears – They really don’t like to fight. I don’t like anybody who doesn’t stand up for what they believe in. They rather ignore, or passive aggressively fight instead of duke it out.

If RP is so fun and good why doesn’t everyone on an RP server do it. They don’t only select few do, and if you try to break into that crowd, they view with suspicion, and derision. Do not get me wrong, I like Fan Fiction, I love Pen and Paper Role Playing Games, and single player role playing games. I like role playing within the construct of the game, but these RP’ers go to far with their shiny vampire half dragon wizards.

If you RP, and are having fun I’m happy that you enjoy your time in Pornshire. I don’t hate you because you RP, I just hate RP. Like I wouldn’t hate you for doing heroin, but I think you would be stupid for doing it, and wouldn’t want any part of it.

The great thing about RIFT, is I don’t think there will be much true RP, but I’m worried SWTOR might be chock full of dem nuts, but I won’t let that get me down. The end is so very close for RP in WoW. excuse me I’m drooling a bit.

19 Responses to “Is RP dead yet?”

  1. Awww… You sound like you’ve been burned. Don’t worry. When the bug bites, the RPers who aren’t elitist jerk jackoffs (like me) will welcome you with open arms and more interesting plots than sitting at the back table, talking over beers. 😉


    • Actually no i never been burned. Before I went on the war path I actually decided to look around RP servers, and see what you folks really do…not much.

  2. krizzlybear Says:

    Dark side? What dark side? You won’t be seeing any elitism out of me, so I’ll do my best to avoid your antics as to not get caught in the crossfire of it all =P

    • Krizzly, you elitist never. I meant you are trying/tried RP. It’s really not all that in the medium of WoW. My suggestion if anyone wants to RP over a computer, go find 5 friends, get an online game of D&D going with tons of awesome software out there it’s really easy now, like Webmeeting.

      • krizzlybear Says:

        I could do that. But it’s not so much RP’ing in general that I enjoy doing, but rather being in-character while I play. It’s the added stuff while doing something I already enjoy. Not to dismiss D&D either, I’d love to play if I had friends IRL, as well as the means to learn how to play it.

      • Yeah you being in character might be cool, if people lived by their character and not pretended to be sparkly vampires.

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  4. Ey ! Whow, waiaiait a goddamn minute there…

    I know exactly what you mean by ‘elitists’, but calling those pieces of trash RP’ers is like calling CounterStrike 12 year olds rolling a Bright Wizard in WAR super PVP’ers.

    Trying to keep my comment short:
    I’m an RP’er, but:
    – elitists bothering other players about how RP they are should be kicked on sight. Unless said other players are spamming you, or trying to spoil the mood everyone should be basically left alone
    – I’ll sit, talk and walk outside your point of view if it’s not relevant. If you’re in an inn, then you can think of me as an NPC if you’d like, I won’t bother you
    – old people pretending to be hot youngsters are just sick, doesn’t have anything to do with roleplay
    – And yea, I’m a carebear in wow because wow pvp sucks balls, and because the story in wow currently is that we’re best friends after all. In WAR (when they still had pvp servers) I would attack you if you were ten levels over me because that’s what would be right !

    I’m currently playing Lotro. It’s a carebear game; elven roleplay is elitist by definition so I HATE it with a vengeance; and since the free-to-play move there is lots more “intrusive” roleplay going on: people emoting hitting you over the head while your sitting in peace and quite in an inn… hate it. But overall people can pretend they’re part of the world, so why not.

    In the case of wow… yea RP is pretty much done for

  5. Welp another one bites the dust…bye LOL!!!

  6. Wait a damn minute…. I thought we were the dark side here.. I don’t want to be a fancy jedi because I don’t Rp. I burn down orphanages in my spare time…

  7. Theerivs stop taking pleasure in other peoples pain! Oh wait, I forgot, your evil, never mind carry on. :P.

  8. P.S. I have never role played but if Bee want’s to play creepy old man I am game! 🙂

  9. I for one am sad that all that fake food will go uneaten. Think of the fake starving children in fake Ethiopia.

    • I find it humorous that these people tried to get rid of us, and sweep us under the rug, but here we are still standing, and they are the ones throwing in the towel. I fart in their general direction.

  10. I thought all female night elves were dudes.

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