Tripping the Rift

Holy crap I missed a day, stoopid work crap getting in my way of playing video games.

Oh man my old guild is really gearing up for RIFT, and here is the recruitment thread in the Rifts forum, and sadly thats getting me hyped up. I got burned on the hype machine big time with WAR, heck I had a WAR blog. I played with alot of these guys in Warhammer, and if this game self destructs I’ll be left alone like I was in Warhammer. I don’t know if I can take much more of that stuff. 

The Hype Roller Coaster aside, I’ve been playing a Paladin, and a killer he isn’t. I was looking for some AOE stuff to go with the Paladin. Warlord looks good, or I was thinking going Champion for some of those nice stuns for PvP. I don’t know for all these souls there isn’t one that cries out to me. It’s got me thinking of going back to my Cleric healing roots.  I read somewhere one soul of cleric is good for tanking. I’ll have to really investigate. I guess I don’t want to gimp myself as a Tank, like a Prot Warrior was in the day of Vanilla WoW when it comes to PvP.

Then again maybe I should look at the mages, I like the Necromancer, but haven’t looked at the other builds yet.

*Sigh* I better get my money ready to preorder this game. By the way the pic is from a show called Tripping the Rift, which I like, and think it’s appropo for this game, and this post.

6 Responses to “Tripping the Rift”

  1. krizzlybear Says:

    Other than the lead girl’s breasts, I didn’t like Tripping the Rift at all, haha.

  2. It looks like you’ll be able to collect more than those first 3 souls and that then you’re able to swap them out for different applications. It looks like that’s what the whole “change your role” thing is about.

    I would like to see if Clerics could main tank.

  3. João Carlos Says:

    I played paladin at beta 4. Paladin is a tank “per excelence”. But tanks normally don’t are good damage dealer. Paladins will mantain hate very well, they don’t need huge damage for it. Sometimes, they mantain hate too much well for their good… and if the healer don’t look at you you are chicken fried. Paldins have self healing but it is long cooldown.

    But you can add diferent souls and see if you can create a paladin damage dealer. Warlord will not help you to create that damage dealer paladin, however. Warlord will help you to mantain hate and have more hit points for be a better meat tank. Warlord will make you survive more time as tank. Adn there is some discussion about who is better tank, paladin or warlord…

    I played necromancer at beta 5 and 6. Necromancer/warlock/chloromancer is a strong soloist. Need invest some points for have a tank pet. However, elementalist, other strong soloist, get a tank pet at 0 points. So, the opinions are diferent about what mage is better soloing.

    Aparently, Pyromancer/Stormcallers are good nukers. Or maybe Stormcallers/Pyromancers… diference of opinion here too.

    mmmm… better not start to talk how much points you need invest at each soul. It is crazy…

    Chloromancer can be good healers, and some people say it is good enough for be main healer against bosses at dungeons. But druids (clerics) have a fae pet at 0 points and that won the “give me a pink unicorn now” prize. Oh the humanity!

    Take note that with 0 points any cleric can have the fae pet using druid as third soul.

    Anyway, Rift is a game where you can let rogues tank, warriors be support buffers, mages heal and dps at same time, and clercis can be heal, tank or dps. You just need change the souls at your calling.

    Just choose the role you want play and try make a good combination of souls. You will find something that will work. And I guess the fears about min/max will fail. My worst fear is that the crazy combos will prove work well.

  4. João Carlos Says:

    Ops, I forgot to say it.

    Tehre are special souls for PvP, one for each calling. You need PvP points for buy them. So, each calling have 8 souls + one PvP soul.

  5. Everyone’s doing it. Just jump in.

  6. João Carlos Says:

    Jump in with no parachutes…

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