Weekly Lagout

WoW– Still grinding the xp, and gold. For what reason…I have no clue.

Rift – New Beta Event starts today, I’m looking forward to getting in there and mixing it up with some builds.  Some big event tomorrow where you can win prizes…yeah I gotta work. I cry bullshit!

Other than that just working my arse off with a big IT transition going on at my company. Grrr. Super Bowl/Rift Beta Weekend. Really?

High Latency Love –

Gotta give some love up to the Rift Junkies. They really have a great resource for Rift going on over there.

And I just came up with this post from Felicia Day…OK I HAVE CRUSH ON HERE….She will be mine…Oh yes she will be mine *In Wayne from Wayne’s World voice* Anyway you see that pic on there, damn it show her some love.

Something Funny…

I think this should be played before every movie, might be a little NSFW for language.

With that…


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I’m currently also playing the rift beta and i’ve got mixed feelings about it. I think it will remind people too much about WoW because things are so similar with just different names. I hope the rift element and the 3 talent trees with 4 specs keep the game interesting for a while.

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