Snow Day!

The Midwest, where I live is locked in a new ice age.

So being buried alive, with internet still on, and some Double Stuf Oreos  isn’t that bad. That means I get to play some games.

What I’m gonna do….

World of Warcraft – Got my Pally to 83, gonna work on the Mage a little

Dawn of War II – As you should know I love WAR 40k…The Emperor protects brothers.  

Force Unleashed -Which I bought on Steam for a few bucks, I should play the damn game.

Movies – Devil, and Takers. Lets see how good, or crappy these two movies are.  

Yeah Life isn’t so bad, I hope you all are safe and sound…

I will leave you with a little Black Sabbath- Snowblind.

One Response to “Snow Day!”

  1. Devil is good, not as good as I had hoped. Takers made me drink till I fell asleep. Hope it treats you better than that… Wish it would snow us in here in Boise……..


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