Thoughts on World of Warcraft, and RIFT

Lately I’ve been hearing alot of rumbling from friends, that WoW is no longer a game they want to be a part of. That WoW is dead to them in not so many words. Alot of the veterans I play with abhor WoW with a hatred that rivals anything I seen. I never seen such hatred for a game before of this kind, well since Dark Ages of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis.

The State of WoW for me is that Yes it’s no longer the MMO it once was, heck it’s more single player now with online components if you want it to be, or it can be a robust place if you want to be social and take initiative.  I think for me it boils down to these few questions.

Do I still enjoy WoW? Yes I am, there are aspects I still like, and I enjoy myself when I log in.

Are there some things I miss from WoW in the past? Sure, but as my mommy says, “Why cry over spilt milk?”  That was then, this is now. If you are not having fun, don’t complain, just leave and shut the door behind you.

What aspects are you having fun with WoW? I still love playing with the Auction House, and just questing trying to get my toons to 85. I’m not under any pressure, just putzing along. After years of raiding, and being under the gun so to speak, it’s nice to just wander around and enjoy the World of Warcraft at my pace.

Will I get bored, or will I attempt to raid once I get some gear, and my Toons to 85? I don’t know at this point.

Status of the Latency Lowlifes? Dead, pretty much which is a shame, but it is what it is. It was a good time while it lasted, but I knew it was not going to last.

Now my thoughts on RIFT –

Do I like the game? It’s ok. I’m not floored by it, and the fun I am having is widely dependent on the people I am playing with.

Will I preorder the game? Yea, cause I’m a sucker.

Will I buy the guide? Fuck you!

Will I quit WoW? Nope still going to be there.

What are my thoughts on the Soul System? It’s pretty cool, but once we collectively figure out what works where, it’s going to be cookie cutter as usual. So what’s the point of getting excited.

Is RIFT a good game? It’s still in Beta, and not even Open Beta. MMO’s are living breathing creatures, and right now I’m not that impressed. I hope something pops for me, I really do. Maybe I’m too cynical and jaded now though, burned one too many times.

RIFT basically I’m saying I’m just not into you right now, but I hope you change baby and where that thing I like, that shows off your butt.

9 Responses to “Thoughts on World of Warcraft, and RIFT”

  1. I love WoW, but I’m disgusted with the single player direction it is going. It’s no longer a world to explore, it is instance hopping after instance hopping. The talent trees are so dumbed down, there is no way to try to be different. RIFT might have cookie cutters in the future but there will always be the option to be different. WoW doesn’t give you the freedom to be different anymore. It’s a disgrace to MMORPGs

  2. I don’t “hate” WoW, but it did not keep me past a year of play. Rift may be the same thing…but, who cares.
    If one year of gaming can be had at a 1/4 of the price of a console game for example, I think I will get my moneys worth.

    Rift at least has more WAR than WoW to it, and the fact there is a lot of A.D.D types of gameplay involved, I always feel a meta moment every time I logged into beta.

    Here is the way I see most current MMO players though, and why Rift is not hitting the right spots…

    You must not be over the old girlfriend, and until you can let her go, the new girl is not gonna win you over.

  3. I am refusing to turn into a bitter veteran as in all probability il be returning at some point (unless by some miracle swtor drops in the next couple of months). Its been a good run with wow and I can never be too bitter about a game which has given me countless amounts of fun nights. Like every thing it has its ups and downs *shrug* thats life.

    As for rift ? I found it highly forgettable and almost a chore to level up hence I spent most of my time watching my bro in law play it. It will be interesting to see how it fares at launch and if people tire of the rift events.

  4. Lol at guide question.

    It’s intense anger because we loved WoW. It is a breakup. I keep trying to blame WoW devs for all the changes. IE: It’s too hard, a grind, pvp imbalance. I tried to make Blizzard change but I can see I won’t. The realization is I’ve changed. No amount of QQ will make WoW what I want. Blizzard has made enough money off me I can be gone for a year and they still don’t care.

    So, it’s me, I’ve changed. I’m excited about a new experience. My new girl is Rift. 🙂

  5. elleseven Says:

    The less I play WoW on a regular basis, the more I enjoy it when I make my short little visits back. I’m guilty of excess when it’s shinny and new then reality hits and I feel guilty for wasting so much time in it. Thats why I can’t and won’t look at Rift. It would be just another addiction then as usuall I will want to smack myself for the time sink.

  6. I, too, have left WoW but have no desire to play RIFT. I’m back to Fallen Earth and loving every minute of exploration and not getting caught up in the min/max game. Being able to shoot people in the face with guns is fun, too. 😀

  7. No WoW. Never again.

    Glad you’ll be playing Rift with us. I like what I see in the Beta of it. Of course, WAR was a decent game for pvp at release. Rift has some of the elements of all MMO’s and might just be generic enough to have fun killing crap on the internet.

    If Rift doesn’t work out, I’m thinking I’m pretty done with the whole MMO thang.

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