Time is Money Friend

Any Goblin Knows this, that time is money friend, and it’s time for JMTC’s Blogging Carnival once again. The Topic is “How would you make gold if you have limited play time?”  Well I do, I probably put in about 5-10 minutes a day on average managing my gold making empire, My empire is quite small compared to most people, but maybe I can give you a new tip or two.

Lets take a look how I do it.

Flipping- You can use the add-on Auctioneer to help you with this, and JMTC is great with that sort of help. Basically it’s the simplest thing to do, is fine something cheap buy it, and sell it for more. I use to flip these blue rings, that were way under priced, I doubled my gold in 5 minutes of work.

Converting items – Now you need the right professions here to do this, but sometimes you don’t need any at all. Ok for example, My Cobalt adventure. I noticed Cobalt Bars were selling for like 200g a stack, and Cobalt Ore was only 35-40g a stack. Now I almost got burned by this, but I bought a ton of ore dirt cheap, and sold the bars. I made my money back on the ore for the most part, but then the price of bars dropped ALOT, and so here I’m stuck with an asston of bars. Someone said make some tanking gear, and sell that. I took it further, I made tanking stuff, Disenchanted it, and use the infinite dust to fund my other venture, and the rest of the DE mats I sell for quite the profit. Now here’s another thing, might be way easier if you have a mage, or just park an alt in Dalaran. Which by the way is a ghost town I love it.  Frozen Orbs on my server go for 5-10g right now. Eternal Fires go for 30-40g. You can buy an Eternal Fire, for One Frost Orb in Dalaran off the vendor, I think  you can do the math.

Bags – I know, I know Bags, everyone does them, it’s the staple of any money making Goblin, but what bags are you making, just Netherweave? Netherweave will make you a kings ransom, as for me…I shouldn’t tell you this, but I make Abyssal Bags. It’s a 22 slot bag, it sell on average for 350-400 gold. With the above methods the mats, such as infinite dust, and eternals are cheap to get. Right now there’s no competition for me…so it’s easy money.

Pets – The easiest market to turn gold around especially Dalaran Pets, have your alt get them, mail them to your main/alt in org, plopp them on the auction house. 2 minutes of work…pure profit. 

Portals – As a mage, when I got 10-30 minutes I port people for 20g per portal. That’s usually a 100g-160g in no time at all.

So with limited time it’s way possible to make good gold, just make sure you think out of the box, and don’t be afraid to take some risks.

2 Responses to “Time is Money Friend”

  1. In the English version of World of Warcraft, they’re called Frozen Orb. I don’t know why the translations in other languages are inconsistent.

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