Weekly Lagout

WoW – Just plugging along, leveling, making gold, and just enjoying my time no pressure. The Lowlifes is practically a ghost town of a guild, which I really expected in the long run with all the other games coming out. It was nice while it lasted, but I’m going to leave it open cause it’s nice little place to level my toons, and why I’m leveling I just don’t know maybe a friend will pop in and say hi. 

RIFT – I am closer to falling over the fence, and preordering this game, the game does have potential, and it’s still beta for crying out loud. Right now I’m just having a blast with old friends. Going Paladin, and working on some sort of build that would be awesome in the first dungeon.

High Latency Love –

First off much love to my boy Chris Medina, good luck on American Idol.

Secondly, Markco from JMTC is retiring, and am sad myself to see him go. He’s been a supporter and friend of High Latency Life, and how can I not show him some love, now please show him some, and say goodbye to him. I hope though he doesn’t stay long gone, and keeps me abreast of his new projects, like some sort of coaching thing he’s got going on.

Lastly, Keredia from Tree of Life is back to writing, I meant to give her some love earlier but it slipped through the cracks, but stop by and show her some love.

Something Funny.. 

Meanings of Dude….

With that…


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Aww… thanks for the love Riv.

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