Sometimes it’s the people that make a good MMO

As I am playing RIFT last night, I’m not taken aback, I’m not impressed. I’m just playing, and yet still having fun. Why? Cause in Vent I hear voices I have not heard in some time. I’ve been playing RIFT with guys I played MMO’s with on and off for the last 8 years, names like Whynot, Munk, Ghost, Otega, Shaddough, Romeia, Jonte, BadSanta, and the list goes on, and on.  It’s just great to step into vent, and hear the guys/gals call me “Douchebag”, or “Goat Blower”. It’s like Cheers for Videogaming, where everybody knows your name.  Not just that, but these guys know their MMO’s, veteran players who know the in’s and out’s of MMO’s, so they know the role they play and play it well, by the way the picture is for Shaddough, I think he likes sheep. Thanks Jonte

I started playing MMO’s in 2002 with Dark Ages of Camelot, and I came to know these stand up guys calling themselves the Knights of the Red Dragon, and through out the years the named changed from Phoenix Ascension, Oppress, and now in it’s current form Einherjar where we picked up a few more great people since 2002, but it’s exciting to see so many people on board for this game, even if the game isn’t all that.

Not just RIFT, or Einherjar. It’s all the people I met along the way and played with my fellow bloggers in the Brother of Oblivion, and now the Latency Lowlifes, I think I would of quit my goblin after the starting area, but they made the game so much more fun, doing quests, and running dungeons together.

It’s not the games that make these good memories it’s the people I have had the honor to play with, and it’s because of you people I continue to play, because if it wasn’t for you I might as well just play a single player game.  

If your looking for a home in RIFT, and want to play as a Guardian, check Einherjar, and tell them I sent you.

3 Responses to “Sometimes it’s the people that make a good MMO”

  1. Purple Clerics FTW!!!

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