Shaking my Money Maker!

Thanks to Oakstout for his suggestion to me regarding the quality of Carolina Cheerleaders.

Anywho well I do like to make a copper or two, and World of Warcraft has the best meta game in any MMO, and that’s making gold, lots of it. So my little foray into the Cobalt Ore/Bar business pretty much a flop. I’m going to hold onto my left over stock until it dies down.

The thing I’m making a killing in now…BAGS!…damn right. Netherweave bags on my server are going for 20-25g a bag, Frostweave for 200-250 a bag. I’m cashing in on this cashcow cause I don’t know how long it will last. It really is Ridonkulous. So check out bags on your server, see where they are at.

Plus being a mage, farming for cloth is easy….peasy.

One other thing I noticed people selling their Haunted Mementos for 5-6k. Yea that waste of bank space is up for sale, hope some sucker buys it. I hated that douchebag ghost following me around.

6 Responses to “Shaking my Money Maker!”

  1. You can tell she has an ugly face. Even the camera man knew this and shot her ass instead. Don’t get me wrong, I would defiantly put a bag over her head and spanked her.

  2. Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders…..I seem to recall something in the press about a scandal involving the Top Cats…..where did I see that?

    Oh yeah, here it is.

    If the bag prices are that good on your server, I would suggest not using a Netherweave or Frostweave bag for her head. Try Mooncloth–it is not BOE so you can re-use it tomorrow.

  3. My company does the Audio Visual for a charity event involving the Panthers every Sept and the best part is when the Cheerleaders come out to help introduce the team…they always practice the day before so I’ll try and get some nice pics to you this year.

  4. oh and I’ve been making a small killing with Inscription. its kind of died off a bit, but I can net a couple hundred gold in a good week from only selling 2 – 4 glyphs. Not bad for not a lot of work.

  5. I was making a killing on Netherweave bags before the expansion and shortly after it landed. Then EVERYONE else got in on it. I was selling the bags for 35g-50g each. Now they have been flooded so much that people are selling them for 12g-16g.

    I also don’t waste my time farming the cloth. I will buy any cloth at 50 silver a piece and down. I refuse to go any higher. Recently the cloth market has jumped up big time. People are selling the cloth at 3g a piece and yet the bags are only 12g-16g. You are paying more for the cloth than you can make with the bag.

    What I have been doing is just buying the cloth when it is cheap and stockpiling the bolts to make into bags once the competition’s stock goes away. When they are gone I will be back in to once again make a killing.

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