Rift: Butter…Butter…No..Parkay.

There was a series of commercials when I was a kid where this tub of Parkay would tell this person it was butter, then last-minute would confess its parkay margerine.

When playing Rift..that’s how I felt. It was like it was trying to tell me it was like every other MMO, then it would do something and go…”AHA we’re Rift”

I’m still in the starter zone, so I don’t want to nit pick it apart. but I want to give you some honest opinions.

Things I like….

1. Graphics – They are pretty sharp, and I even dumbed them down to look at the lower spectrum of things.

2. Hardly any bugs – For a beta that’s the least amount of bugs I ever encountered. I was impressed.

3.Familarity– Using alot of MMO conventions it wasn’t a difficult game to understand, or get into. It’s taking some of the best things of MMO’s and making them theirs.

4. Character Creation – Pretty cool for an MMO. Impressed they added some darker tones, and just alot of choices to make.

5. Class System – There is a whole lot to this, and I just scratched the surface.

Now it’s time to nit pick a bit….Things I don’t quite like.

1. Lag – Yeah it’s beta, yeah a lot of people are playing but it was pretty bad at times.

2. Storyline/Lore – Uninteresting, and Really Blah. I was just rushing through the quests, and not reading them at all.

3. Races-Again uninspiring, and generic. Do something different a bit, World of Warcraft has undead, and werewolves.

4. Class System – Wait? What? Thought I said I liked it. I did for the most part, but there’s something that doesn’t sit right with me. Maybe cause I pick a Paladin, I pick another soul supposed to go with it, like a Void Knight.  Defensive, plus Defensive?  I think I may try to think outside the box, and try something different, like Paladin/Champion or something like that.

5. Life Bar – Over my  head when combat starts, how do you turn that shite off?

6. Ambient Sounds – Annoying Sim like talk in a city is annoying.


I kinda like the game, it’s not a WoW killer I think, nor the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it has a lot of positives. I’ll keep testing it, and running it through its paces. Who knows I might even pre-order it, but I’m still not totally convinced.

3 Responses to “Rift: Butter…Butter…No..Parkay.”

  1. I like how all the chat stuff bothers you. I can see you are going to really hate SWTOR when it comes out.

    I can remember the same thing in Warcraft beta. NPC’s talking to each other, and stuff. They removed most of it before the game launched because so many players hated it.

    It just makes me wonder why SWTOR is investing so much in the voice stuff when other games have removed it because of players not liking it.

  2. What ? No comment on the cheesy intro ?! That was worth the 7.45 gig download alone, who did they pay to put that crap together lol

    I have tried and failed to connect with rift. Its my second beta event and I actually logged off after 10 minutes tonight and played some champions online f2p and had a blast.

    @ wasdstomp I think swtor is going to be a bit more ambitious than that….. The fact ill rarely have to read any quest text will be awesome.

  3. João Carlos Says:

    The real “Rift” starts after you get out the starter “isle”. Rifts (that are Public Quests) all over the land.

    And Paladin is a main tank, you can go with souls that help it as tank (for example, there are souls that give more hp and armor) or try mix it with souls that make it better for PvP or have better damage.

    You will need look at the abilities each soul will give. But I think at launch we will have a lot of guides for how to make diferent builts.

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