Rifts: Just the Tip!

It’s like when a stripper is giving me a lapdance, and I feel a little movement down there. I was watching the Warrior Rift Video. I got to admit I got a little excited. Like I told Stillwater, I just want to stick the tip in, see how it feels.

Thanks to Scary, I got a Beta Key. I’m actually looking forward to trying out the warrior. I’m not hyped about this game, just a little curious about it.

Things I am concerned about.

Complexity – That Soul System looks daunting.

Itemization – So many ways to go in terms of your class how does Itemization work, Will my armor have everything I need if I want to Tank, and PvP?

Effective – How effective of a tank will I be if I do spec some PvP, or vice versa.

Some things that excite me –

Warrior Pet Class? – In the video looked like there was a pet with the Warrior, I could be wrong.

Void Knight – Just the name sounds cool.

Dual Wielding – The guy jumping wielding 2 weapons was cool as hell.

Tanking – Tanking that big guy brought good ole memories of Gruul to me.

Polished – The game does look polished as hell.

So we’ll see what the future holds. I can’t promise anything but I will give it a shot.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even like it enough to shell out some dough.

3 Responses to “Rifts: Just the Tip!”

  1. Gotta say that Video looks cool.

  2. Played a tank to 20 and it was fun, but they seemed squishy at lower levels. But once in the teens they did a great job of holding agro on multiple mobs and doing decent damage. The damage warriors rock in PvP and are very fun to play.

  3. If I remember correctly, tanks can be viable in PvP with PvE gear, and vice versa, just not the uberest (great word right?). I heard from one of the Rift guys in a podcast (or I read it somewhere … I have a terrible memory) that you don’t HAVE to have 2 sets of gear if you don’t want to. Though, of course, it would be helpful.

    Also, by level cap you should have access to 3(?) ‘roles’ which are basically saved specs. As long as you’re out of combat you can switch between them. So there’s really no reason why you’d go into PvP without the right spec.

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