I am not a Moral Philosopher, as you know.

There was a short-lived sitcom in the nineties called “Men behaving Badly” in the US which was derived from an English Sitcom which ran longer. I believe it was ahead of its time. There was one segment where Rob Schneider is posed a dilemma, and he replies, “Well I’m not a Moral Philosopher as you know.”

Tobold’s recent thoughts about MoralityFreedom of Choice,  and Blogging Standards have me thinking. Let’s start at the beginning with Morality.

I am not a Moral Philosopher, but I play games for the most selfish reasons, I derive pleasure from it. I get some fix to my cerebral cortex that I get when I interact with those little pixels. Hell if I was really a moral person shouldn’t I be building homes for the homeless, I am not saying we as gamers are immoral people, but to say that we should bring morals into play while gaming is kind of well absurd to me. We are playing a game where the point is to kill other things, is this not immoral in itself? When I PvP my objective is to crush my enemy, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of the women…not to play paddy-cake with them.

Do I tank because I have some moral obligation, no I tank because I enjoy it. If there is a shortage of tanks in a game, then the game developer must look at the why isn’t tanking fun. I got burned out of it because I was thrust in a leadership role all to often, and I was tired of being the “go-to” guy. So I made my mage, did that make me less of a team player, no I did my part as a team. I went back to tanking because I enjoy the challenge of it, and I am an attention whore.

I think viewing DPS as immoral because they are more fun to play, in a game where we are supposed to have fun playing is like saying it’s wrong to eat chocolate chip cookies, because they taste good.  

Now with that said, Morality is not why we succeed, It’s greed and ambition. I want to get to the next level, the next gear, I want to destroy my objective, I want to crush the enemy. I can not do this alone, so I must form a team. For the sake of success, I must play a part of this team. I must grow this team to be killers. Thus we must have rules, or laws if you will. 

We do not have freedom of choice if we want to succeed at something, If I want to be a bum, and waste my time under a street begging for change, I sure can do that, I have that freedom….but I like driving my new car with the tunes bumping, and a chick next to me hopefully rubbing something on me. In the most basic of games, Monopoly, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders there is no Freedom of Choice, you do prescribed action, you get prescribed result. Same with life, you do something, you have consequences. Freedom of choice is an illusion in games, as well as in life it doesn’t exist, and if you think it does then you are a diluted fool who views the world in rose-colored glasses. Your Freedom of choice goes as far as are you willing to pay the consequence for your action, if so…then have at it.

Blogging Standards, I have none. this is all my opinion, not fact, there is no source but my own twisted Lawful Evil mind.  A standard is an agreed upon way of doing things. Well this is my domain, and in my domain I make the laws. Thus the only standards I have to conform to are mine.

2 Responses to “I am not a Moral Philosopher, as you know.”

  1. you strike me more as a Neutral Evil type. Just a hair short of going on a rampage.

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