Weekly Lagout

WoW – It looks like the Lowlife/Cataclysm honeymoon is over, damn Rift. Oh well. I will be keeping the home fires burning. Just leveling my toons, and keep on…keeping on.

Rift – I’m looking at the Races, nothing is striking my fancy. Though Deviant does sound up my alley.

DC Online – After I heard all the shitty reviews, fuck that.

Faxion Online– Actually has me intrigued, thanks Scary… I might just research it a bit.

High Latency Love –

Gonna give some love to my girl Ch0bie, she was a goblin shaman who I met in Warhammer Online. One of the best players I met, even if she does have a Vagina…so she says…This is her personal blog, but show her some High Latency Love.

Bootae is a great Warhammer player, and great blogger. Always a big supporter of mine, plus he plays the best class ever the Chosen. It looks like he may be looking at Rift. I hope to one day chew some dirt with him on a game or two. Stop by his blog, and show some love.

Something Funny.

Blizzards new MMO based on Molten Core… AWESOME!

With that….


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I have 25 VIP keys to Rift if you want one River

  2. Aww you are the squishiest Chosen I know 🙂 WAAAGH.

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