A Little Nostalgia

Being an ancient in the MMO world that I am,  there are some things that I miss about the days of yore, which just don’t happen these days that much or at all.

1. Climbing Walls – In Dark Ages of Camelot, your stealther class, in this case my Inflitrator was able to climb walls, gank some sap inside a castle, and get the hell out. I miss that. I miss climbing walls.

2. Milegates – In Dark Ages we also had Milegates in these PvP zones, where it would be an awesome standoff place. These gates were like fortress walls, where one can hang out, and defend. Some epic battles at these mile gates

3. 40 Man Raiding – It was just awesome feat to get these up and running smooth. This is when a Raid Leader was truly a leader. Also it was like a mini party. 🙂

4. True World PvP – Before there were BG’s there was Crossroad battles, and Southshore/Tarren Mill wars. I miss those. Now PvP is always in zones, or battlegrounds.

5. Pride – Faction Pride/Guild Pride/ Class Pride seem nonexistent these days.

8 Responses to “A Little Nostalgia”

  1. Hey when is anyone on the guild usually on? LOL. I keep popping my little rogue in to see if anyone is around and can not find anyone…… knowing me I probably went to the wrong server or something…

    On a funny related note I did not realize there was a back door into Azshara for my little guy….. so I was like “Oh well I can go by the river.. “.. erm, that is not such a good choice for a lvl10 rogue… I escaped the spiders but the Elves did not like me traipsing through their camp.

    • Azgalor, I’ll be on a bit tonight until 6pm CST, this weekend I can’t guarantee when I’ll be on cause I’ll be drunk most of it. Next week evenings usual 7pm-9pm CST you can find me on. Search Lowlifes though everyone has invite powers.

  2. “True World PvP”

    It’s still out there a little bit, you just have to look for it… and when it happens it’s so awesome.

    Some suggested places: Halaa in Nagrand(as I’ve mentioned in a post before), Uldum teleport location (we had some major camping going on there from an alliance pvp guild on my server), Gurubashi Arena (It has a new daily PvP quest, so often times you’ll find someone to slay) or even try invading an enemy city to get some of the new guild achievements.

  3. Legolas4Life Says:

    Nothing in WoW could ever equal experiencing Echoic, Torid, Sweat, and Co. annihilating 3 full groups of Albs in one battle. I watched comrade after comrade die as I stood in a mezzed state before getting bashed upside my head with a giant hammer. As the final breaths of life left me, I heard someone whisper….

  4. In many ways I miss the epic feel of 40 man raiding. Back then you weren’t a skirmish unit, you were a proper band of heroes going in to face daring challenges.

    I also miss the southshore-tarren mill and astranaar-warsong world PvP battles we used to have. Good times…

    In other news, I’ll be giving Rift a go next week. Should be interesting…

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