Cobalt Blues

Which is ironic cause Cobalt is Blue. I was putzing about the AH last week, and I noticed Cobalt was 100 gold for stack of Ore, and 200+ for stack of Bars.  Hey I got a few stacks of Cobalt in my bank, I sold it at a good price indeed. Few days later the market was filled with Cobalt Ore f0r 40g a stack, and bars were still at 150g-200g So I was like what the hell, I bought up a lot of Cobalt Ore, made some into Bars, and resold the Ore at a higher process.

Well that gravy train came to a halting stop. The Market is now flooded with Cobalts, and I’m stuck with a bunch of Cobalt.

You win some, you lose some. At least I made a few coins before the going got rough.

3 Responses to “Cobalt Blues”

  1. Turn all your remaining bars into tanking gear and sell the pieces for 60-100g each.

  2. Legolas4Life Says:

    Or you could just save it and wait for the next run on it. Or, you could buy up all that new Cobalt and jack up the prices again!

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