Cataclysmic Thoughts

I just got done reading Wolfshead diatribe on the new expansion, though I feel he has some good points. In the end I think he is wrong.

MMO’s are ever changing creatures.

As a person who played alot of MMO’s not just WoW, you would be moronic to say MMO’s stay stagnant. Warhammer Online is not the same game that it was when it first started. It changes, it grows, it tries to please the customer base. I think alot of older WoW players, are blinded by nostalgia. This isn’t the WoW I grew up on, so I don’t like it. Oh my god the buildings in the Forsaken zone look like Disney. Really is that the problem with the game?

But really how much has WoW changed in general?

I quest, I level, I kill mobs. Nothing has changed, sure some of the cosmetic stuff has, and it’s a little easier to get XP. Tell you the truth the quests are a little better because I might get rewarded with the odd cutscene. Heck you’re talking to a guy who hates quests, how much? In Vanilla WoW I think I did oh about maybe 10-15 quests on my first toon, and that’s being liberal with the count. Any quest is better than that jailbreak crap. God I hated that quest to get my Onyxia key. Hell in Vanilla WoW, I practically solo’d my mage to 60. So what has changed besides alot of the cosmetic bullshit.  

Does Hard equal Better?

I don’t think so, remember your first games. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, etc..They weren’t hard games to get, sure the difficulty ramped. Challenges is what makes a game better, and last night I went into my first Cataclysm dungeon as a tank, and I was challenged, and I had fun. Isn’t that the important thing, to have fun.  Like those games, WoW starts simple and ramps up to hard with heroics.

Is Cataclysm the worst expansion in MMO history?

No I don’t think it is, is it not without its problems? Sure it’s got problems, what MMO doesn’t but I’m sure it will be looked at. If you’ve played MMO’s for a while you know that Cataclysm isn’t the worst expansion in MMO history, that title is reserved for Dark Ages of Camelot:Trials of Atlantis.

4 Responses to “Cataclysmic Thoughts”

  1. Good post.

    I think a lot of Ol’ Wolfies frustration come from is he aint the target audience, as you say MMOs are ever evolving and rarely stagnate. In saying that I’d still say WoW is pretty much WoW at its core, its just a more streamlined process designed for the ‘new breed’ of WoW players who are perhaps more casual by nature.

    Still it was an enjoyable rant from him and seeing someone get so wund up over a game they dont play does make me smile. He can blame WoW or big bad blizz for many things but I would think his passionate pieces would be better served aimed at other dev teams and the money men behind them who keep serving up more of the same wanting a piece of the pie.

  2. Trouble I have with Wolfshead, when he writes about WoW is … I’m really not that interested in reading the opinion of someone who hates the game and has always hated it because it’s not EQ. He’s wanted to write articles about how WoW is dying for years. And if you keep doing that long enough, it’ll eventually be true.

  3. I believe Gordon from WFS put it accurately in his response when he said that Cataclysm just made WoW more WoW.

    For players like myself, that’s cement poured over the already buried coffin that is that game.

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