You got some butter for those roles.

So I was looking at Rift, and eyeballing all these classes, and “souls” and such. The thing I worry about with this is when playing games it’s hard to find a player who knows the role they are supposed to be playing. Sure there are alot of good players out there that can do alot of different stuff…ahem me included, and I get the job done, but the real greats of any class are pure breds. I mean if you’re a tank, you live, breath, die a tank.  

Ever see an awesome tank, or healer, that is probably all they do, and they do it well, but would they be doing that well if they didn’t put the time and effort the role demands? Would they be getting all that awesome gear that their role demands if they didn’t concentrate on that role?

Call me a traditionalist, but I feel the philosophy of bring the player, not the class is not a very good one. For the simple fact I think it takes more dedication to a role to be good at it, and even more to be great at it.  I like the tank/healer/dps role system. Now not saying you can’t have offspecs, or anything like that, but I feel that if you’re a tank, be a tank.

I feel perhaps I am alone in this thinking, and maybe I am. Then again if you think I’m out of line, feel free to join any PUG, and witness the idiocy of some people who don’t even know how to play their role correctly. You want them to learn multiple roles?

Yeah good luck with that.

2 Responses to “You got some butter for those roles.”

  1. I’m not sure if you can with complete certainty that only with playing one role can you become great at it. There are players that have been around since beta that are horrible at playing their mains, while I’ve seen new players pick up their class very well. Sure, the more time and effort you put into playing your class, chances are the better you’ll be at it.

    What I think really makes a good player is the characteristic that drives them to spend that time and effort in the first place: the willingness to improve. If you don’t really care about your role, it doesn’t matter how long you’ll play it, you will never be the best. But if you put the effort into researching and testing and grinding, you’d probably go a lot further.

    That’s my two cents anyways.

  2. My experience is actually quite a bit different. When I see those who are the best tanks or healers, you can put them in any role and they do well if not to say amazing.

    If I stick our best healers or tanks in dps roles they often out dps several of our dps mains.

    And the fact that we can turn one of our tanks into a dps for Valiona and Theralion and he does good dps, or that I can ask our other tank to jump in and heal on Omnotron has made it so our raid has beaten fights that we otherwise would not have beaten.

    Now…pugs…different story. Generally spoken, Pugs aren’t pugs for nothing. Sometimes you find the rare gem that choses not to be guilded, but more often than not these are the people who can be nice, but really have no business in heroics…or worse, raiding.

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