Bitch, betta have my money!

There’s one aspect I love of World of Warcraft that really I haven’t gotten from anywhere else. Making Gold. The problem with me is I love spending it as well. Same problem I have in real life, the more money I make…the more I spend. The great thing though, is I know how to make more.

I remember in Vanilla, I made an asston of gold selling rabbits/cats to the horde I was the first one on my server to do cross faction pets. Those were great days indeed.

In Burning Crusade I was still in the pet business, Dragonflies were my bread and butter. I would farm for those all day. Netherweave bags as well were a staple in any tailors business.

Wrath of the Lich King brought me BOA’s and Crusader Enchant Scrolls, I made so much money with that stuff I could bathe in gold.

In Cataclysm, I waited a bit to hit the market…I spent gold like a sailor to get the guild up and running, and helping my toons level professions. Then one day I looked up and saw I was down to like 3k gold on all my toons combined. That in unacceptable.

Time to go back to work, and go make some money. I love me the bling bling.

Speaking of which sometimes I worry when I’m on my girl toon that I act a little…well for lack of a better term…girlie.  I was walking past the barber shop, and decided to get a haircut, and coloring. I was actually sitting there looking at haircuts, going that’s cute, or that isn’t. Then OMG I got the hottest pair of earrings to match my armor. I could just die.

Err….Uhhmm… I mean GO BEARS!

So how you making money in Cataclysm, besides stripping on mailboxes?

5 Responses to “Bitch, betta have my money!”

  1. Lately for me it has just been SPEND SPEND SPEND. I’ve been trying to suppliment my income by selling Ore and Volatile Fires. I’ve actually found myself enjoying farming for the fires because it requires outsmarting your enemy and being a professional fisherwoman. It’s what I’ve been training for. 🙂

    I also plan to try and sell some epic leg enchants from my tailoring. I finally hit 525 last week and bought the patterns. I just need to wait out my dreamcloth cooldowns now. I used everything I had helping out some guilides (who have been so kind to throw embersilk my way) and making myself some epic boots.

    Now, its time to start making some money back.

  2. Inscription is still going strong for me 🙂

  3. Inscription is great even though herb supplies are harsh. I been making like 10K a week without really even trying on a bad week.. Shot my main up from like 20K to 120K. been fun.

  4. table dancing in goldshire inn

  5. Hehe, love the title for your post 🙂

    As for money, I don’t bother making it. What do I need it for anyway? The only things I want to buy are Landslide enchant and the top tier riding skill, neither of which I’m actually that fussed about. I usually just grind quests, sell items I loot or do a bit of mining on the side. Money doesn’t seem very necessary at level 85.

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