I blog for the chicks!

Ysharros over at Stylish Corpse wrote a post on why she blogs, and it gots me thinking.

Why the fuck do I blog?

I mean I don’t think what I have to say is that unique, or awesome. I’m not that informative,  I write like a 4th grader on crack rock, what the hell is this grammar everyone is talking about. Seriously I seen more interesting stories on the back of bathroom stall doors than what I post. .

So why do I blog?

I think it has to do with maybe not being breast fed, either that or I just like the idea of sharing ideas with my fellow gamers. That the greatest strength of the internet, besides the porn, is that we share our ideas, and ourselves without the barrier of race, creed, or any other stigma. We are truly all equal on the internet…

I love to entertain people, I admit I’m an attention whore. I love attention….not the bukkake type, that is Bee’s thing, and she hates competition.  Let’s face it nothing gets a chick out of her panties faster then telling her you’re a blogger, thus that’s why I blog.

You a blogger, why the hell do you blog?

11 Responses to “I blog for the chicks!”

  1. I blog because I fear the rejection of being a real writer. In my fantasy writer world, I’m popular

  2. I’m (still) blogging because you got me off my ass and reminded me to be pissed off at trolls. I’m still pissed off at trolls. If I quit, they win. And amazingly enough, they’re still trolling. SO SCREW THEM.

  3. I think you blog to get hot chicks like Bee.

  4. it feeds two addictions ( wow & communicating), and also my typing is more legible then some of my handwriting.

  5. If I did blog it would be to QQ about Blizzard game design. My friends quit listening to me.

  6. I blog so that people know I play a Disc Priest. 🙂 Apparently I have failed miserably.


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