Rift- Peer Pressure

So it’s like I’m at this party, and everyone asking me have I tried this drink called Rift. I’m like no, I have to drive home. Then I turn the corner and see two hot chicks making out on a couple kegs of Rift. I go, hell yeah gimme a glass of that stuff.

With all the hubbub about Rift, My guildies going to play, and me checking out more info about it. I decided why not give it a shot if I can. So I’m going to try to secure a beta code, and play this game.

I’m going to try not to get to drunk on it, cause really I know me, if I get hyped up. I’m going to be making out with those two chicks, and wake up in the morning wondering where the hell am I, my pants around my ankles, and a Rift Collectors Edition in my hand.

3 Responses to “Rift- Peer Pressure”

  1. Dude it RIFT is like that, I’m soooo sticking my dick in the box

  2. Are you tipsy yet? Do I need to put the sweater puppies in a push up.. GET OUT there and chug that Rift mister!

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