PvP Server How I Love Thee.

My first server was a PvE server (Garona) then I made a mage on a PvP Server (Thunderlord), now I’m on Azgalor another PvP server. This story exemplifies the reason why I’ve fallen in love with PvP servers.

So last night I was in front of a flight master in Western Plaguelands, and I wanted to change the Guild Message of the Day, had hard time figuring what I wanted. So I left the Guild window up as I played around with it.

Hold on a minute, my health is going down…and kind of fast. I close the window. There is a 44 Night Elf Rogue trying to kill me a 42 Goblin Warrior. Son of a bitch…Luckily I was in fury spec, and by the time I noticed I was already 1/3rd way down on the health. But I unloaded on him, I think I even tossed a kitchen sink at him.

I crushed him…literally crushed him…with my sliver of health left, I sat on him and ate some lovely food. Doesn’t he feel stupid now, he thought I was easy pickings…he thought wrong.

Stories like this is why I love PvP servers, a so-called ganker, getting the raw end of the deal. Believe me I’ve been on the receiving end of it too, but I think it adds to the spice of the game.

3 Responses to “PvP Server How I Love Thee.”

  1. I have had similar experiences and no matter how many times I fail at ganking someone it never bothers me as long as I know I will get my desert eventually.

  2. I totally agree. As much as it sucks to have higher levels kill you while you level, the random fighting is totally worth it. There is nothing like getting ganked but then coming back to camp to guy who did it to you.

  3. I maintain that the wide power band in the leveling content makes open world PvP suck as it turns into a cycle of ganking and bullying. This particular fight worked because of the close power levels. If you were playing a level 20 and an 80 came and one-shotted you, that’s not fun or overcoming the circumstances, that’s just some random jerk messing with you and wasting your time.

    Make the power band *very* narrow and base open world PvP based on player skill, and I’d have a TON more fun with it. “Very narrow” to the point where a level 1 character can beat a max level max gear character if they are skilled enough.

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