Talk about getting wood!

So I started doing Dire Maul- Capital Gardens, or as we old schoolers use to call it Dire Maul – West with my Goblin Warrior Tank. I grabbed the quests, and to be honest I forgot where to go. So I asked, “Long time since I done this instance, who knows where to go?”

I get some sort of foreign language as a reply, wait their all speaking Spanish I think….I knew I shouldn’t of been looking at that girls butt in spanish class the whole time. I just blindly start killing stuff…

I see Tendris Treedick, and I start fighting him…I’m dead…wait where the hell is everybody? They were all standing around with thumbs in their asses.  So I get a rez, but I just want to say something. I hate Tendris Treedick. Why? He isn’t hard, nor does he do anything aggravating, I just hate them, perhaps cause he’s right in the middle of everything being stupid, or perhaps I hate looking at his wooden balls while tanking, even though I got a nice shield off him…I still hate him.

After that I get sick of these mofoes, and  I say “brb Lavanos es manos”. I need direction…To the Cloud…er to the Guild. Scary helped though it sounded like he was pissed, Dire Maul is like a shrine to him for some reason. Anyway we went the wrong way about doing things. We have to go back upstairs, then back down, then further down, then back up, then back down to finsih the silly quests, and killing blue douchebags.

Really seriously? My little Goblin feet are tired. Screw Dire Maul, Screw that Treedick, and most of all Screw those blue douchebags. I want to go back to Stratholme, just kill everything you see, and that’s it.

3 Responses to “Talk about getting wood!”

  1. Dire Maul was added as one of the first epic 5 mans in vanilla. It is massive and has shut loads of tactics. If you don’t kill all the Woody guys and try to kill Warpwood, you will die. You dont kill the blue guys (which they removed a buttload of them in Cata because people are impatient) you stare at a 2 headed do behind glass. Don’t forget the Trubute run that was removed because it was harder than 40 MC and a 5 man PUG couldn’t figure out how to kill 5 sets of blue guys. Dire Maul took thought and still does at a 4th grade level.

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