Tank Burnout

I’ve played a tank for a long time, nothing I like more then things beating on me. At the end of BC, turning into Wrath I decided to drop the Warrior, and stick to my Mage. I was burnt out. I was tired of being “the man”, having the responsibility of telling people where to go, what to do . Not as bad as healer burn out I had from Dark Ages of Camelot, and I never played a healer again, (except for a few normals on my pally to try it out)

I think this time will be a little better, Why?

1. More Options – Back when I played a tank in Vanilla. That’s all I could be, unless I wanted to respec liked mad, and waste my gold, and since you could farm worth crap as a Tank, I was always broke.  Now with Duel Spec, and built in wardrobe changer built right in the interface, your allowed to be tank one minute, then a dps madperson the next. This also makes questing, and farming alot easier, and more enjoyable.

2. My guild is more laid back – We aren’t raiding Molten Core, or BWL. 40 mans 5 days a week, that might have something to do with my burnout.

3. I still have my mage – If I get the blues, I’ll just tap into my mage. Relax and Blow shit up.

4. New content – Alot of decent new content out there, like the redesigned Plagueland.

Hopefully with this new stuff around I can staff off Tank Burnout for a while.

One Response to “Tank Burnout”

  1. definitively need something to have a break from stuff on occasion, and tanks either become, or we look to and expect them to be leaders, and that can be a heavy burden.

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