What I Love About Cataclysm – Part 3 – POTPOURRI

This week my nightly fitness kickboxing class is on vacation for the holidays.  Instead of taking out my daily aggressions there, I have been pwnin’ some serious nubs in battlegrounds.  After some succesful 2v2 arenas last night with my guild rogue friend I was able to purchase the shiny new Vicious Gladiator’s Medallion of Tenacity.  The extra boost to my resilience is just what the doctor ordered.  I think I may finally feel ready to attempt some rated battlegrounds again.  (My first couple of attempts with 700 or so resilience were not very forgiving). 

So now that you are updated on my progress, let me move on to some things that I’m loving about Cataclysm. These are a few short and sweet items, non-deserving of their own separate posts, but together they make for a pretty satiating piece of blogwork.  “By your powers combined… I am CAPTAIN PLANE”…. er…

Battle Standards.

Edit: Thanks to Cynwise for pointing this out.  At this time, the 2 min cooldown is HORDE ONLY.  It’s not fair and I’m going to exploit it to my heart’s content – until it’s hotfixed of course. 🙂

The cooldown on these babies has been reduced from 10  minutes to 2 minutes.  The Standard itself lasts for 2 min.  This means: you should always have this up and always be refreshing it every 2 min.  A 15% health pool bonus is seriously insane.  It will make the difference between you keeping the flag at The Farm in AB, or keeping ownership of the Mage Tower in EOTS.  One additional piece of advice I’d like to offer is to make sure when you are throwing down these bad boys that you are hiding them.  Battlegrounds are riddled with cabins, pillars, trees, etc.  Por Exemplo:

In the Twin Peaks horde flag room.

Side Note: Twin Peaks is the name of a Hooters-style restaurant in the city I live.  I giggle everytime.

Be Fel without rolling a Warlock.

So I made the decision this week to drop my 2nd profession of Enchanting.  We had good run early in my Priest career, but since level 264 we haven’t been getting along.  I decided to cut the fat and picked up mining.  I am sick and tired of hearing about how much money miners are making – how hilariously fast the mine nodes are respawning – and the thousands of golds they are making per week.  I want my fruggin share.  With 310% (+10% Mount Up Guild Perk bonus) flying in Azeroth after 1 day I already have mining skill 121.  Ok, so on to the point… While farming copper nodes in Durator I discovered a cave that has around 4-5 node spawns. 

Inside this cave you will find Burning Blade Cultists and Burning Blade Neophytes.  When they are killed at close range they give you a debuff, that, after stacking 5 times will “Fel-Infuse” you.

And this is what you turn into:


Inside the Cave

Deepstone Oil is a new alchemy mat (similar to pygmy oil).  When used it causes your character to turn a shade of yellow and be frozen in place. 

As soon as I saw people frozen in Orgrimmar I ran to the AH and dropped 8g on one bottle of this precious nectar.  After reading the tooltip, I couldn’t help but drop a bomb in guild chat:

It was worth the 8g to try it out. 

Lastly, I want to talk about a trick I was made aware of in The Vortex Pinnacle.  We all love our friendly Priest party members.  They give us pretty stamina buffs. Well, lookie here… here is something else we can do.

We can mind control the terrible healing forces that are the Temple Adepts.  A few pulls in Vortex Pinnacle have 2 of these nasty bitches in them. 

As the healer of the group, I was able to mind control one of these big brutes and was given the functionality of using their heals on my party members.  The heals were hitting for somewhere in the range of around 240K.  That’s one mana efficient heal.  Also, I quite fancied making them leap around.

7 Responses to “What I Love About Cataclysm – Part 3 – POTPOURRI”

  1. I’m trying to get the BG standard to go to the 2 minute CD, but can’t make it work. It is stuck at a 10 minute CD for me (15 for the Stormpike one, 2 minute shared CD.) Is this Horde-only?

    • I just looked this up in the forums, and you aren’t gonna like the answer.

      Apparently at this time it is Horde-Only. That’s really ridiculous. It’s been reported to the official forums, so I would assume this will be patched very soon. Not sure if we will both be getting 2min cooldowns, I would say we are more likely to see the Horde standard increased back to 10min.

      I’m gonna enjoy this feature while I still can.

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  3. […] Many special thanks to Bee over at High Latency Life for pointing this out! […]

  4. “It was worth the 8g to try it out.”

    And you thought it would be just you and Scarybooster sharing dick jokes all day! Wait…

  5. Lady Erinia Says:

    I am going to that cave just so I can get that buff.

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