Eastern Plaguelands, Now 50% less Plaguey

So I decided last night to do a bit of questing, since not many people were on from my guild at the time. I went to the board in Orgrimmar, and I could either go to Dustwallow Marsh (Been There, Done that), and Feralas (Hells No!).  Meh, so I needed the Undercity tabard, I got exalted with Orgrimmar to get my Black Wolf, an Undead Mount would be cool too. So I went to the UC. Out of shits and giggles, I went to the board and saw Eastern Plaguelands. Interesting it’s now roughly a 35-40 zone.

I was fairly impressed though the quests were very easy, the zone is better constructed with less running, and multiple flight paths. The quests themselves were mostly go here, kill these type quests except a few interesting ones. There’s a quest with a funny troll druid who follows you for one quest, the troll doesn’t get how to use his druid powers very well at one point he turns into a seal and ends up on his back. Another quest has you herding Spiders to be killed while riding a horse. My favorite one thus far was with a little in game scene where Thassarian, and Koltira both Deathknights have a little discussion in front of me. I really enjoyed it because it built on the WoW Manga I read with Thassarian in it called Death Knight. As a side note the Elite Quest mobs like Araj the summoner were pushovers now.

So while questing in this zone a level 38 Shaman thought it would be funny to kill me while questing. I don’t QQ, it’s a PvP server…I get revenge. I whipped out the 81 mage, and flew my proto-drake down to EPL like the Wrath of the Lich King himself. Scary was in the area, so he was bait.  The Shaman seemed to be gone, welp there’s a 41 Pallie…He dead.  So I bid farewell to Scary, bout to log back into the warrior…Scary reports he saw the Shaman. Well Well Well…. I found the little bugger trying to kill Araj…He dead…. usually I don’t corpse camp but this Shaman pissed me off, so he pops up…He dead again….

Then I’m dead. What the HELL!. Oh 85 Hunter….So I corpse walk back, pop up…dead again…. Son of a gun. I can’t QQ, but 85 or not, he wants to play..I’ll play. Next time I pop up, potions drank, shields up, Water Elemental out. I’m gonna bring all my guns to bare…..Son of bitch he left.  Oh well all is fair in love and war….but I’ll be back after I level up Huntard boy don’t you worry bout that, then we’ll play a bit more. 

In other news I found this a tosh interesting thought I’d share. You can play World of Warcraft with a Kinect. So how does stripping with a Blood Elf on a mailbox work with this thing?

2 Responses to “Eastern Plaguelands, Now 50% less Plaguey”

  1. I would assume it would work well.. my son has already figured out how to make the Kinnect do lewd things on screen.

  2. Lady Erinia Says:

    I would not be able to deal with a PvP server. Totally not my style. However, I do like Eastern Plaguelands. If i recall correctly, the caravan quest line is there, which was a pain in the butt to do when it was still bugged. Still, I like the revamped quests.

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