Rift – Why I won’t be playing it.

So alot of hub bub with the Rift Beta, someone asked if I’m going to play it. My answer is no for several reasons.

1. Nothing grabbed my attention- Every Game I played something has grabbed me and pulled me in. From Dark Ages to Warhammer, something about the game speaks to me. Rift Nothing has grabbed me by the cojones to get me to want to play.

2. Still having fun in WoW – I’m having alot of fun with my Goblin Warrior. The little bugger is entertaining, and so far so good I’m having a blast on him. Will there be a day when WoW isn’t that much fun, sure…but it’s not this day.

3. Personal Time – Time is a resource that is in short supply for me these days, so my playing time is more precious to me.

4. No one invited me – Yeah I never got a Beta Key, don’t think I would of used it anyway.

Rift may be a wonderful game, or it may not be. Whatever the case I won’t be playing it just yet. Now you may be wondering what the hot girl next to the truck has to do with RIFT. Well I did a google image search for Rift game, and got her. Looks like she was doing an ad for a game called Pacific Rift, a game about trucks or something, but I have to say the hot girl has piqued my interest. Can I get in that beta?

7 Responses to “Rift – Why I won’t be playing it.”

  1. I was/am in the same boat other than #1. I do love the way the game looks, but I honestly didn’t investigate it enough to be grabbed or pushed away by any info regarding it.

    BUT…then I got invited the other night. Now I’m really debating if I should check it out or not. =/

    also…the game the woman is displaying her lady parts for is Motorstorm: Pacific Rift….and it is an awesome arcadey racing game on the PS3.

  2. It is pretty and it is different with the dynamic content i.e the Rift system. But it’s also the same as other MMOs out on the market. I have enjoyed it so far and if you get a key I would try it out before making a decision.

  3. I tried it, it is fun. I will not be beta testing it anymore or buying it for 1 major reason-

    Im having a grwst time playing WoW and just like you, my play time is limited. I’m sick of FOTM

  4. Not interested to even try to get a beta. I got wow, bioware and many books to occupy my time.

  5. I am in the beta this time, and will be spending every minute I am not at work playing unless I hate it after the first minute. This game actually drew me in at Pax. It was Rift, Tera, and GW2.

    I am surprised the two models that posed for Rift that I put on my blog didn’t show up on Google images for Rift….

  6. I have to admit, I am intrigued by the Rift concept, particularly how different elemental Rifts can dynamically duke it out on the battlefield. Then there is the “flexible” class system.

    But #3 and 4 apply to me as well, so Rift, for the time being, can suck it.

  7. I’ll say this: the game is stupid polished. Like, crazy so. It’s a heads up jumble mix of EQ2, WAR, WoW, and Aion. They pulled a blizzard and cherry-picked stuff they wanted to include and gave pulled out the Ole English till their reflection could be seen.

    If the PvP is worth a crap (hope to find out tonight), it has serious contention of pulling me away from WAR.

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