Impressive…but I’m no Jedi Yet.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, My friend” – Bruce Lee

I have been blogging roughly for 3 years, and during that time I went from just blogging about my personal life, to blogging about Warhammer Online, to blogging about MMO’s in general.

There are a few times I have been taken aback, and just humbled. Such as when Tobold actually gave me a personal advice, or when Mythic took notice of my blog, and made me part of an in-game event for Land of the Dead (I still got a boner…er I mean the bone from that).

Now I am just humbled to be mentioned by for a blog to watch in 2011. To be mentioned along some of the greats of this hobby we call blogging like Syp, Ysharros, Spinks, Larissa, MMO Gamer Chick, The list goes on, and on is not only that am I deeply honored, but humbled at the same time.

The credit is not mine alone. Bee was huge part of making this blog what it is, and continues to add her personal touch to this blog.  I am nothing without the support of my friends, which the list is huge, to huge to list all of you but I want to just mention two special one Scary, and Slurms.  Scary is probably one of the hugest supporters of all that I do, and I would be totally remiss if I didn’t thank him. Slurms too, gave me an opportunity to be on his podcast, and to let you the reader actually hear the lyrical tones of my voice. I have alot of love for Slurms, and the Multiplaying crew. I would also like to thank Massively for taking notice of the hard work me, and Bee do for this blog.

Last but never least thank you to the readers, I always say I write for myself, and I do. Let’s face it though it’s you, and the commenters that keep me motivated to keep pumping out this crap on a daily basis.

As we head into 2011, be sure to stay with us as we travel the MMO universe and bring you tales of wonderment, and excitement…..and an occasional dick joke.  Stay with us as we live the High Latency Life.

14 Responses to “Impressive…but I’m no Jedi Yet.”

  1. Grats on the 2011 up and coming list. That is really cool. I’m sure to vote for you whenever I can

  2. Grats man, you definitely deserve a spot on that list.

    • Thanks, but there are way so many bloggers with more talent then me. I just do what I can in this blogosphere to make it a little more entertaining.

  3. I’m deeply offended that they did not give notable mention to your farmville blog.

  4. Grats again dude, you deserve it 😀

  5. Excellent news!

  6. That is awesome, grats!
    And cool that I knew your blog already, heh heh.
    Also congratulations to Bee, great author as well.

  7. Admit it, you still have a boner from that event.

    And a boner from being mentioned.

    How will you handle TWO boners?

  8. Big congrats broham!

  9. Wow, quite an honor! 🙂 I appreciate some of the credit, but I’ve only been around a short while. You are getting recognized for the last 3 years of work you’ve put into this blog, that’s for sure. 🙂

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