You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Yeah, yeah yeah… I should be continuing my series on “What I Love About Cataclysm” and I will be, at the end… but first I must rant.

I had something happen to me in a pugged Grim Batol (regular) run the other day. Why was I running a pugged Grim Batol? Well, I had logged in right after a group of guildies had already formed for a random dungeon AND a random BG que.  I wanted to knock out my justice points for the day while they were in que and finishing up (a healer que is only like 1 1/2 min on my server).

Anywho… I ended up in a group with 4 guildies from another server.  I was happy to see this.  I figured they would be more organized with the pulls and I also could tell they were using vent.  More organization = less damage taken = more mana saved = I’m a happy Priesty.

For the most part the run went smoothly.  At one point a BOE cloth piece dropped, I had a better piece equipped so I rolled greed, (along with the rest of the group). I ended up winning the item.  I then got a PM from the rogue in the group asking if he could have the piece to raise his item level so that he could do heroics.  I could have probably made a cool 300-400g off of the item, but decided to be a non-greedy biatch, and traded him the item.  He did equip it, and said thank you.

Fast forward to the last boss – a trinket drops, specifically the Corrupted Egg Shell.

As a mana starved healer, who is used to shelling bubbling targets already, this trinket is not only quite interesting, but the gains back to mana give me a clit-boner.  After reading the stats and adjusting my panties I went to click need – which, much to my surprise, found to not be an available option.  I was only able to pass or click greed.  I said something in the party chat regarding how I found the item to be really nice and that for whatever reason I couldn’t roll need.  I clicked greed (crossed my fingers) and  rolled something like a 5 or so (FML).

Luckily, the rogue had won the item.  I thought, “Oh goody!! My rogue friend that I was so nice to give up a BOE item to has won the roll.  He’s sure to trade an OBVIOUS healer trinket to me!!”

I say in party chat, “Awesome, you mind trading that to me? Remember my kindness with the item earlier ;)”

He then leaves party.

I erupted… I let his final guild member, a warlock, have an earful.  They simply said, “yeah that wasn’t cool of him.”

That is the last time I’m nice to anyone, ever…. I swear….

I went on WowHead to further analyze the item and proceeded to read several comments pertaining to this bug:

“Could not roll Need on this as a healer in a dungeon finder group.  Must be a bug.”

“I couldn’t roll Need on it either. Holy Priest”

“As a resto shaman I was able to roll need.  The DK tank said he was also able to roll need.”

“I was able to roll need as a Holy Paladin.”

Ohhhh, so it’s a Priest thing now.  I’m not one to report things to a GM, but in this case I figured it was necessary.  If we don’t report this kind of thing, it will just keep screwing people over.  So I type up a short and sweet request to have this glitch looked at.  I say, “I would love to have the item, if that is at all possible, but understand if it’s not.”

Two days later I received a response via in-game mail.  It was an obviously template-organized email response saying that “they would be looking into it,” and “thanking me” for my concerns.  I figured I’d done what I could do and moved on.

The next day I was running a dungeon with a hunter friend of mine.  He started raving in vent about how awesome a GM was to him.  He was running a dungeon in which an awesome staff for him dropped.  He meant to click “need” but in error clicked “disenchant.”  He won the item, and much to his dismay it was instantly turned into enchanting mats.  He wrote a GM to see if anything could be done to help out.  One day later, he opens his in-game mail to find a personally written letter from a GM thanking him for his business, the Staff he so kindly asked for AND a christmas holiday hat (just as an extra bonus).

UMMM… What. the. fuck.  I am seriously considering writing to the GM again and asking for some kind of a resolution.  I will be ok with the fact that I can’t have the trinket.  I’m not sure if I would have ended up keeping it in use permanently or not…. but the fact that I was given some template-generated message really bothers me.  This is a problem – fucking fix it.  kthanksbye.

Ok, ok… something I love about Cataclysm….. let me dig into my Screen Shot file here….

Yeah, so ... I was running late to work this morning and didn't have time to find the screenshot and email it to myself for today's post. Here's your "in the mean time" picture to put you there. It will be updated later with something more accurate, but far less cool.

Edit: Here it be…

I really thought I had gotten a better shot but, you know... whatevs.

That is me hitching a ride upon the new Sand Drake, made available from the alchemist recipe Vial of the Sands.  This is an alchemist recipe that costs around 20k or so to craft – and requires an extremely rare and lucky archeology drop in Uldum.  I couldn’t resist asking for a ride when I saw this guy flying around Orgrimmar.

Me: “May I ride you?”

*party invitation received*

Pervacious Drake: “I’d love that.”


18 Responses to “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?”

  1. My Football Coach once said, “Sometimes the farther you bend over for someone, the farther they stick it up your ass.”

    So true.

  2. Clit-Boner.. Wow. That made my day. :).

  3. I think I would contact the GM again and keep doing it until you get what you want. Don’t add the “i understand if you can’t do it” part, it gives them permission to not give a flying fart.
    Remember the squeeky wheel gets the grease.
    I’ve really been lucky and have had them talk to me in game a few times. I employ the honey and sugar approach always, with lots of 😀 and ❤ and it has been most successful.

    • What I kinda worry about is if they would go and look at the chat log during the time the item dropped. I was quite a nasty bitch about the rogue dropping group. Something to the tune of “Eat a dick.” I’m not sure how sympathetic the GM would be to someone with such a foul mouth. 🙂

  4. The recipe is found in a Tol’Vir artefact, need 475 archaeology to get digsites in Uldum.

    The vendor bought items cost 24K, and you need max Ramkahen faction to buy them.

    Need max alchemy skill.

    12 truegold bars (about 1K per on my server)

    24 flasks of 3 different types (about another 100G per flask)

    This is truly a royal pain in the ass to get.

    Once I get it I will cheer so loudly I’ll scare the neighbours probably!

  5. I have nothing to add to this, other than “I must now go forth and find a regular use for the word ‘Pervacious’.”

  6. Another reason for healers to hate rogues.

  7. This is why you never heal rogues, they can vanish and bandage their sorry ninja asses.

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