My Christmas Wish List

Gazimoff had an awesome post about his wishlist.  I thought what a great idea I should make my Blizzard Christmas wishlist.

1. Forsaken Paladins instead of Taurens – I think lore wise Forsaken Paladins make more sense as Paladins that once followed the light now do so from beyond the grave. I think it makes more sense than Taurens embracing the light, and turning their back on their shamanistice roots.

2. Ability to turn off the phasing stuff for Alts – I am already getting sick of having to do that Val’shyr crap on my second Alt, I feel sorry for people with 6 Alts.

3. A Anti-Sparkle Pony – I would actually toss down money on a Mount if it was sufficiently cool. Like a Fire-Breathing Horse that shot flames out it’s arse.

4. Those two girls in the picture –  under my Christmas tree, well I think Blizzard can make it happen since they got more money then Santa Claus.

One Response to “My Christmas Wish List”

  1. 1. While I like my tauren pally, I quite agree that forsaken paladins would’ve been much more interesting and more in line with lore!

    2. I have more than 6 alts… Only my main will ever set foot in Vashjir

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