Life as a Mage – Portals

Ya know I played a mage since Vanilla, I was one of those 3 minute mages you heard about, but ya know what nothing was more fantastic then jumping of the cliff towards the Mines, while dumping a Pyroblast on someone.

Well one part of the job all we mages are grown to cope with is our Portals. In Vanilla we had to put up with tells out of the blue…”Hai, Port to TB Puhleez”. No problem, it will cost you 5g. “5g, no wais!” – Fine, enjoy the walk.

In Burning Crusade, the Tells were lessened with Shattrah, but we still would get the tells now and then, “Hai, Port to UC, Puhleeze” Sure just 10g. “10g No Wais!” – Fine, Enjoy the walk..

In Wrath of the Lich King, with Dalaran, and 30 minute Hearthstones, I would rarely get a tell, but once in a blue moon….”Hai, Port to Dal, Puhleeze” Sure 15g. “15g Fuck off” – Fine, Enjoy the walk….

In Cataclysm with all the Portals gone from Shat, and Dal. The Tells are back. “Hai, Port to Org”  Sure 20g. “20g, here ya go no problem” – Fine, Enjoy your trip….

So the life of the mage has almost come full circle, You can either be a jerk like me and charge outrageous sums, or be a nice mage and port them for free. Either way we’re back being fully specced for Portals.

The best thing I still enjoy, is Ye Olde Portal Roulette….Oh you came up with Stonard…Tell them I said Hi!

6 Responses to “Life as a Mage – Portals”

  1. I have never understood all the whining about mages getting paid to port. My only problem is when I can not find one.

  2. I made the mistake of telling one of our guild magi about the Stonard trick.

    Fast forward a couple weeks and a guild member is getting ganked in Dragonblight, I need a port to Dalaran and I need it quick. I ask this mage for a port, click immediately… wait, why is the loading screen showing Eastern Kingdoms… wtf… ugh.

  3. So who’s the hot girl? Please tell me you know her!

  4. Reminds me of the good ole days of EQ when Druids made all the money porting. Course after a few years, they fixed it and Druids became some of the poorest people in the game, sounds a lot like a Democratic plan gone wrong.

    I am good to hear that Mages can now make money again in WoW. However, you have to consider inflation and the fact that the 20g your asking now is in fact the same 5g you were asking in vanilla.

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