Gnomeregan- How I still hate thee.

Oh thouest Gnomeregan, How I still hate thee…..

Let me count the ways….

1. Way to Long – For a Mid-Level Dungeon, you my dear are way to long, and with Events like Grubbis, or whatever that stupid Trogg boss is, it makes it just that much longer.

2. Confusing – Yeah I done you a million times, but sometimes you still confuse me, this or that way, that tunnel or this.

3. Gnomes – I just hate the little bastards, and bastardettes (I don’t want to be sexist with my hate) .

4. That Stupid Machine – That Cleans Grimy Encrusted Objects, can I ever get anything decent from that….ever?

5. Acidic Walkers – Does anything but those damn cloth boots ever drop from that Douchebag oversized Water Elemental with bad breath?

Yeah it has been years since I’ve gone into Gnomeregan, and I still hate this place with a passion that has yet to been matched, BRD comes close but only because of the Vanilla Prison Break Quest.

7 Responses to “Gnomeregan- How I still hate thee.”

  1. I thought I was gonna shoot myself in the head waiting for the gnome to blow up that wall in there. Could they not have sped that part up to like 5 secs.

  2. Fuck Gnomer! Haaaaaaaaaaate it

  3. i agree wholeheartedly!

    • 1) Try Wailing Caverns 😛 Or Shadowfang Keep.

      2) Wailing Caverns (again)

      3) Haters gonna hate 🙂

      4) There’s a quest item, some greens and a couple blues

      5) Hydrocane. It rocks for underwater shtuff….

      In other news, beer is good…

  4. Answer to 4: No. Not ever. Even if you spent an eternity running the stupid place.

  5. You dis’ing my homeland?

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